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Celebrating 10 years with Premierline Direct

We're celebrating our 10 year anniversary and here are some of our customers who have been with us throughout the journey. See what they have to say about a decade of great service from Premierline Direct and why we've continued to be their chosen insurer.

Only pay for the insurance cover you need

Mrs Dyer, Landlady of the Bell

Hear from one of our happy Premierline Direct pub insurance customers

"My name is Tanya and I am the landlady of The Bell at Grove.

My family have been at The Bell for a very long time, since 1977. When they came here we were little children and then they retired in 1998 and me and my husband bought the lease and took over.

I came across Premierline insurance a couple of years after we came here. I think my previous company ceased training and I had to look around and that's a trial in itself trying to find insurance and Premierline were the ones that gave me the best deal and suited me best.

Because we are a wet pub, I do not have to pay insurance for kitchens and a lot of the things, the clauses I have in there, I've tailored towards working for us. We've got a garden but we don't have play equipment in it so we don't have to pay for play equipment. We don't have a kitchen so we don't have to pay for deep fat frying or things like that.

When we first took out the policy that was how it felt, that they were offering us a flexible policy that suited us and certainly that's why I've stayed.

Some of my customers actually became publicans themselves and when they moved into their pub I suggested they use Premierline for their insurance. I've been with Premierline for over 10 years and I have always been happy with their service. That is actually why I stick with them, because they don't mess me around."

4th November 2011

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