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Celebrating 10 years with Premierline Direct

We're celebrating our 10 year anniversary and here are some of our customers who have been with us throughout the journey. See what they have to say about a decade of great service from Premierline Direct and why we've continued to be their chosen insurer.

Salon Great service you'd recommend

Mrs Harland, partner at The Hair and Body Works in Widnes

Hear from on our many satisfied Premierline Direct salon insurance customers

"Hiya, I'm Gayle I am one of the partners at The Hair and Body Works in Widnes.

We went with Premierline, I think we got a leaflet through the post so we gave them a ring and they gave us a quote and we were really pleased with it. It was competitive to all the other ones we'd had and we've been with them ever since.

It's something you don't ever think is going to happen to you, but it did to us. We had a customer that fell, she injured her shoulder and ended up in hospital and we were panicking a bit but luckily we had the insurance and they covered it all.

We just phoned them, we got one letter back saying they were dealing with it and they just kept us informed of how the claim was going and the next thing we knew she had been paid out and she still carried on coming in the shop and everything, it was fine.

My friend used to have a salon and so we recommended that she went to them. She went with them and she's been fine, she's been pleased too so no qualms.

We've been with Premierline for the last 10 years and we can come to work and have peace of mind knowing that everything will be sorted if we ever need them, so thank you.

I'm no actress am I, she's laughing her head off over there…"

7th November 2011

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