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Most businesses rely on a key people to undertake important and specific roles or handle a large amount of responsibility.  These key people are often drivers behind the financial success of a business, so a key person could be a company founder or Managing Director, or someone who has specific skills that a business can’t function without.  Whilst most businesses have insurance in place to protect their physical assets fewer choose to insure what could be argued their most valuable asset, their employees.

Key person insurance (sometimes referred to as Key Man insurance or Key Person protection) is a type of business insurance policy which is taken out on a key director or employee.  It’s designed to help a business recover financial losses which might occur following the death or serious illness of a ‘key person’ within the business.       

Our partners, LifeSearch, are experts in providing personal protection products, that includes Key person insurance, Life insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection plus many more. They can discuss your requirements and provide expert advice simply call 0203 764 0074 or visit the LifeSearch website.

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Key Person Insurance FAQs

What is Key Person insurance?

Key person insurance protects your business financially following the death or serious illness of a key director or employee. The loss of a key person can impact your business financially in a number of ways, for instance:

  • Cost associated with recruitment and training of a replacement
  • Loss of sales or new contracts
  • Loss of profits
  • Loss of confidence in the business

Who is a Key Person?

A key person is an employee within your business who is critical to its success.  Some examples of key roles in a business include:

  • The business founder or CEO, someone who defines the business strategy and sets direction for the company.
  • Your top salesperson who wins new business and contracts, ultimately having a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • An IT manager or web developer who has specialist skills which enable your business to function efficiently.
  • An Operations manager who manages and delegates workloads and ensures that day to day operations run smoothly.

What does Key Person insurance cover?

Key person insurance provides your business with funds if the key person passes away or gets a critical illness. The business is the main beneficiary of a key person insurance policy and in the event of a pay-out can use the funds to help with business continuity. For instance, it could help ease cash flow, pay loans, or fund recruitment and training for a replacement member of staff. Whilst the ins and outs of the finances will depend on a number of variables, keyman cover is often the lifeline a business needs to help them through a very challenging time.

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Learn how you can protect your business from the effects of suddenly losing a key member of your staff with key person insurance by contacting the experts at LifeSearch.

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How LifeSearch have helped other business owners

Building contractor, Scott:

Scott runs a building company with his business partner Andrew. Scott’s skills lay in the construction side, Andrew’s in the planning and consultancy side.

Andrew suffered a motor-cycle accident and was unable to work for 6 months.

Online tutor, Samantha:

Samantha had just brought a new home. Her mortgage repayments would be £1100 per month and her Bank Manager advised her to arrange life and critical illness cover.

Self-employed IT contractor, Kubi:

Kubi is expecting his first child in a few weeks’ time. He has decided it is time to get some Life cover so his wife and child would be looked after if he died.

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