Posted on: 17 January 2020

What is predicted to be the big food trend in 2020

Every year, new cuisines, styles and flavours emerge in the food and hospitality industry to keep up with the ever changing tastes of the public.

Here are 5 food trends that we expect to continue to rise in popularity in 2020.

2020 food trends

Low alcohol or alcohol-free

Low or non-alcoholic drinks have been on the rise both in-store and in pubs, bars and restaurants, with no signs of slowing down.

Non-alcoholic drinks are actually allowed to have up to 0.5% alcohol in the drink, whereas low alcohol drinks tend to be more aimed at alternatives to wines and spirits.

The Morning Advertiser reported that over the course of a year, culminating in February 2019, sales in non-alcoholic drinks had risen by 28%, and the value of this market had risen by 29%.  They also reported that the equivalent of 12.2 million pints of low or non-alcohol beer had been sold.

Meat alternatives

In December 2019, McDonald’s announced that it was going to be offering fully vegan meals. McDonald’s is joining Gregg’s, Burger King and KFC in adding vegetarian or vegan food to their menus. McDonald’s also mentioned that they had seen an 80% uplift in vegetarian orders from customers.

Now that the huge fast food companies are picking up on vegetarian and vegan options, it is impossible to deny that there is a huge shift towards meat-free foods, with more food businesses than ever offering meat-free dishes that resemble the real thing.

The Impossible Burger is one of these meat-free alternatives, made by Impossible, which looks, and reportedly tastes, like meat, but is completely meat-free.

Less plastic

Not a food trend in the way that food is prepared or eaten, but more in how it is packaged. There has been a huge amount of support for less single-use plastics recently, which seems to have stemmed from the 2017 BBC documentary, Blue Planet 2. Dubbed as the Attenborough effect, following the documentary, there was a surge in people who were searching for “plastic recycling” online; a trend which continues to this day.

Asda, McDonald’s, Costa and Evian are just some of the large businesses that have agreed to cut down on, or eliminate single-use plastics in the near future, with many more pledging to do the same.

Is there a way that you can cut out plastic use in your business?

More vegetables

Uber Eats’ research showed that some of the most popular food items from their food delivery service included Reishi mushrooms, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and kale.

Uber Eats commented on the popularity of cauliflower, explaining how it was being used for gnocchi and alternatives to grains or starch, like pizza crusts or rice, with people wanting to cut carbs out of their diets.

Food and Wine Magazine quoted Two-Michelin-Starred chef, Gabrial Kreuther, who said “Plant-based foods and all things vegetables! People are realizing that they are too focused on protein sources and are moving to vegetables and plant-based alternatives. Quality farming will be more on the forefront with the guarantee of being sustainable and without the use of harmful chemicals linked to many human illnesses like cancer.”

Alternative flours

The Evening Standard reported that people will be starting to move away from traditional plain white flour in search of newer or more interesting types of flour. Coconut flour was an alternative that garnered popularly in 2019, however, The Evening Standard has identified fruit or vegetable flours, such as banana flour, as a trend for 2020.

Teff grain has also been identified for use in flour in 2020, which is an East African grain found to be rich in calcium and resistant starch as well as being gluten-free.

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