Posted on: 26 August 2020

The building projects coming to UK’s second city

As part of our Building Cities blog series, we take a closer look at some of the UK’s biggest cities and their high profile construction projects.

Even though Birmingham was knocked off its second-most populous and second-largest city perch by Manchester, Birmingham is still considered by many as the UK’s second city.

In the middle of the country, Birmingham and its surrounding areas of Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Dudley, Walsall and Solihull have access links to other key UK cities, including London, Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds, but also has easy access routes to Cardiff and Glasgow, making it an important city in the country.

We have identified some of the construction projects coming to Birmingham that is keeping the city cemented as the UK’s second city.

Birmingham’s construction projects

Perry Barr Athlete’s Village

Perry Barr was set to receive a renovation as part of the 2022 Commonwealth games due to be held be in Birmingham, with the area set to be used as the athlete’s village. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers of the games thought it would be safer to disperse the athletes across three alternative sites in Birmingham, reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading, should the virus still be a threat in 2022.

Although the athletes will no longer use the site for their base for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the site that was going to be used as the Athlete’s Village will provide 1,400 new homes, as well as an additional 5,000 in the wider Perry Barr area with a £500 million investment from the government.

The Alexander Stadium in Perry Barr will be given its first major renovation since 2011, and will transformed into an enhanced facility, including a new teaching base for Birmingham City University.

Transport improvements will also be made to the area, with improvements focussed on the A34 corridor, which will add pedestrian and cycle friendly routes, both contributing to the governments targets of more environmentally friendly transport and COVID-19 safe methods of travel.

Birmingham Curzon Street Station

Something that we have previously discussed in our Midlands Engine article is the renovation of the Curzon Street Station.

The site of the new station will sit at the old Victorian freight depot of the same name and will incorporate the original entrance building into the design, as it is a Grade 1 listed building. Following the completion of the new station, Curzon Street will be HS2’s home in Birmingham once it is completed in 2028.

The project will include links to Birmingham Moor Street and West Midlands Metro for additional transport links to the city, and the new station is designed to promote development in the Eastside and Digbeth areas.

100 Broad Street

A new 193m tall building has had the go ahead by Birmingham City Council to be built on Broad Street, bringing 503 flats to the city centre.

The project has been designed by Glancy Nicholls, who were also the architects behind Brewer’s Yard in Wolverhampton, the John Taylor Free School in Staffordshire and have been the architects behind the Perry Barr redevelopment, estimated to be completed in 2022.

The tower will be the one of the tallest buildings in the UK, and will feature the highest altitude restaurant and bar outside of London.


The Smithfield site at Birmingham has already experienced a huge transformation, but there is still plenty more to come.

It is thought that by the time the project is finished, there will be 51,000 new homes, 100,000 new jobs and billions of pounds spent on investment.

The next step of the development will be the transformation of the 42 acre wholesale market site, which will include 2,000 new homes, leisure attractions and a public square which will be home to the Bull Ring’s markets.

Construction on the project is due to start in 2022 and is estimated to be completed in 2037; a 15-year construction process.

Midland Metropolitan Hospital

Similarly to The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, work on the Midland Metropolitan Hospital stalled when Carillion went into liquidation in 2018.

An additional investment of £350m was promised by the government to ensure that the project would be completed by 2022.

The hospital will feature a garden that will allow patients, staff and visitors to meet and relax and a dementia-friendly environment that will help dementia sufferers identify where they are, what day, time and month it is and pictorial signs that will help direct patients around the building.

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