Posted on: 18 December 2019

Sourcing food from nearby

There can be many factors to consider when you are choosing your food or hospitality services supplier. This could be price, supplier capability, consistency, references or risk, all of which are huge considerations.

There are a huge amount of suppliers in the UK that can meet your needs, whatever they are, but have you looked at a more local supplier? There are several benefits of using a local supplier that you may not have considered. Read on to see some of these benefits.

What are the benefits?

Helping local businesses

When you source from local businesses, you will be spending money that will be kept in the local economy. This money can then be used to enrich the community that you live in. The hospitality industry in the Lake District is already famous for doing this.

By sourcing your produce locally, you will be helping a local business grow. By creating more supply and demand, you could also be encouraging businesses to take on more staff, creating jobs for your community.

You can also use the opportunity to network with more local businesses beyond your new supplier, allowing you to promote your business further.

Saving the environment

One of the biggest advantages of sourcing your ingredients locally is the positive impact that you can have on the environment, by reducing the distance that your produce travels to reach you. This will help you to reduce both your business’ and your supplier’s carbon footprint.

When looking to choose a local supplier, be sure to check their green credentials. Some of the things to check are:

  • Management practices – Check if your supplier uses a certified EMS, such as ISO 14001, which is a system that assesses the impact of the business’ activities on the environment.
  • Environmental law – Check that the supplier you are looking to work with hasn’t been prosecuted previously for breaking environmental laws.
  • The products environmental impact – Find out about how the products you buy from your supplier are provided in a way that reduces waste, uses less packaging and avoids hazardous substances.
  • Similar environmental aims – Find a business with similar green ambitions to yours so that you can work together to achieve these goals together.

Fresher food

Because your ingredients have less distance to travel, they will naturally be fresher when they arrive at your business. If produce takes a while to arrive, you may not have long to use them before they are past their best. You may also have to throw away some produce that may not have travelled well which is not only wasteful but is also bad for the environment.

When you source food from further afield, the likelihood is that there will need to be some form of preservatives used to help keep the food fresh. By sourcing from a local business, there is less need for preservatives, meaning that your customers can enjoy the true flavour of your ingredients.

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Keeping your food business pest-free

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Keeping your food business pest-free

27 November 2019

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