Posted on: 30 January 2019

Giving back to your community

Whilst many people give money or time to a charity, as a retailer, you could offer something different to donate to worthy causes.

Most charities will be willing to give you a donation box to have in your shop, but are there other ways that you can donate that are more valuable than loose change?

What you can do for charities

Non-monetary donations

Donating to charity is about more than just giving money. Charities will be equally grateful to receive physical donations as well which is a fantastic opportunity to clear some unwanted stock to make room for newer lines. No matter what you sell, there will be a charity happy to accept what you are giving.

If you sell pet accessories you could donate to an animal shelter, clothing retailers could get rid of their end of line products to a charity shop, and even charity shops could donate stock to other charity shops if the stock was more appropriate.

Offer services to charities

Charities are always looking for something to give as part of a fundraiser. If giving money or stock proves too costly, you could consider offering vouchers to a charity raffle. If your local charities come looking for donations, why not donate vouchers or offers to be used in your shop. This can open the door to a new regular customer.

Digital collection boxes

Not only can you have a collection box on your counter, you can also have a digital collection that processes a donation for a charity via a card reader on top of the amount to be paid. Customers can make a choice whether to donate or not, with an amount appearing on the screen. Donations can even be a low as 1p.

Several companies use the digital collection company, Pennies, such as Fulham Football Club, Travelodge and Virgin Holidays, and retailers including The Entertainer, Screwfix and The Fragrance Shop. Pennies estimated that if every card holder in the UK donated 30p a month, this would raise an extra £175 million for UK charities.

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