Posted on: 05 May 2017

Great news for small and medium sized businesses

The way you buy and pay for water in England has recently changed for business owners.

Just like consumers are advised to shop around for the best deal from energy suppliers and insurance providers, businesses could now benefit from the ability to ‘shop around’ for their water too.

So what exactly has changed?

Before April this year you bought and paid for your water from the same local water company as you have done for years. They supplied you with clean water and took away rain and wastewater. They also looked after reservoirs, water treatment and the network of pipes, and billed you for their water services.

Today, although your local water company still delivers clean water to your business and then takes the wastewater away, they’re now known as the wholesalers.

But now, you’re free to buy your water retail services, such as meter readings, billing and customer support, from anyone you want, which means you have more choice. A choice of the service you get, the contract you have and how much and who you pay, wherever you are in England!

Businesses can now shop around for the best deal or use the deregulation to negotiate a better deal with their existing supplier, either way, you can take control!

So, if you're a customer with multiple sites across the country (and therefore across different water suppliers) this will mean replacing many different paper bills over different months to one simple, single bill. It could also help you to benchmark your businesses water usage and bills against similar businesses.

Not only that but with regulators actively encouraging innovation in the market, small businesses could benefit from improvements to their water efficiencies not only saving money on your water bills but even on your energy and insurance bills too!

Premierline spoke with Catherine Simpson, Partnerships Manager at business water retailer Water Plus, who said:

“It’s an exciting change which will drive an improved range of services for businesses. Competition will undoubtedly present a number of opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses including making dealing with water bills easier and quicker, as well as additional services. Charges are unlikely to vary dramatically but savings can be made by looking at the wider support and services available.

“We’ve invested in 24/7 online account management and ebilling to make dealing with water bills easy – it saves time, effort and money for businesses.

“In our experience, savings can be made across all businesses and organisations – from the corner shop, to a school or a large manufacturing business with complex water or waste water processes.”

Water Plus is a business water retailer who already has more than 366,000 business customers. As they are a joint venture between United Utilities and Severn Trent Water, they have a lot of experience in this industry.

The water retailer has even created a water efficiency app, designed by water experts, to help businesses identify where they could make savings on the water they use. 

For more information about the changes in the water market and to find out more about Water Plus, go to the Water Plus website. You can also email Water Plus or call them on 01782 409640 and see how much you could save. It’s all really easy and Water Plus will do all the work for you. So why not get in touch and let Water Plus be with you every drop of the way.

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