Posted on: 29 June 2021

Guidance to keep your team safe on the road

If your business relies on having members of your team out on the road, their safety should be one of your primary concerns. One of the ways you can keep members of your team safe on the road is to encourage them to drive defensively, but what does this mean?

Take a look at our guidance on defensive driving, and what you can do to encourage your team to drive more defensively.

What does driving defensively mean?

Defensive driving means driving in a way that takes the action of other drivers into account to anticipate potential hazards.

It can also mean driving in a way that tries to mitigate the risks of driving in unsafe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, ice, snow or floods.

How to drive defensively

If someone is driving defensively, they greatly reduce their chances of being involved in a preventable accident. Here are some of the principles of driving defensively.

Alertness of others

One of the easiest ways to drive defensively is to pay close attention to other drivers. In other words, let them make the mistakes as you have no control over their driving behaviour.

Keep an eye out for other drivers who may be driving illegally or unsafely, and give yourself enough time and space to be able to manoeuvre out of their way if necessary.

Adjustments when driving

If you come across a hazard when you are driving you should be able to make safe adjustments to avoid being involved in an accident.

When adjusting, you should take several criteria into account, such as the condition of the roads, the driving capabilities of your vehicle, the weather, the brightness of the sun and your own physical and mental condition.

Who has the right of way

In some circumstances, there may be signage to highlight who has the right of way, but essentially there is no written right of way.

To drive defensively, all you need is a willingness to concede the right of way and allow others to pass before you.


You should have a positive attitude towards driving and feel confident that you are driving in a way that means you aren’t going to be involved in an accident, but always remember to stay cautious.

Three key steps to driving defensively

If you want to start driving more defensively, remember these three key points:

  1. Be wary of hazards – When driving, don’t just think about what is directly in front of you; consider what is further ahead and behind you and the environment around you and how it could potentially be a hazard.
  2. Understand road conditions – The UK’s roads are a constantly changing landscape, with unpredictable and unfamiliar conditions popping up at any time. Learn how to deal with hazards, such as potholes or unsafe drivers, to take a more defensive approach to driving.
  3. Take action quickly – Evasive action should be taken against hazards as soon as possible, rather than taking a ‘wait and see what happens approach’.

These three simple steps can help you and your team drive more defensively and stay safe when driving.

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Source: Zywave Inc - Office Safety Matters: Be Defensive on the Road

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