Posted on: 03 May 2019

Styles to learn in time for wedding season

With the weather starting to get a bit warmer, peak wedding season will soon be upon us. As with every year, new trends continue to emerge in the hair and beauty industry perfect for weddings. Now is the best time to learn these new styles, so that when wedding season starts, you’re prepared for an influx of customers who may be looking for more modern styles.

What are some of the wedding trends for this year?

Floral crowns

After a surge in popularity at festivals like Coachella, floral crowns are due to be a big thing at weddings this summer. Often used as a finishing touch on ‘hair up’ styles, a floral crown is a modern twist on a traditional garment that can be worn by any member of the bridal party, as well as wedding guests.

If you’re brave enough, you can give designing your own crowns a go using either fake or fresh flowers. Alternatively, practice ‘hair up’ styles that could be finished off with a floral crown.

Bold Lipsticks

Whilst a natural or “nude” lipstick may be the choice for brides on their wedding day, an emerging trend for 2019 is for deep, striking shades. A deep red is usually the go-to colour for a stand out lipstick, but your customers might want some help in choosing a colour that suits them and their skin tone.

Take the time to try different styles with your customers to help them get a feel for what kind of colours suit them the best for their big day.

Male cuts

Whilst your female customers might feel pressure to look stunning on the big day, your male customers will also want to look their best. A fresh haircut can help neaten up your customer’s style or give them a new look entirely, although it is probably prudent to have an idea of what your customer wants before they have a cut so close to their big day. 

Some styles for men that look great for weddings are often the shorter neater styles, such as under cuts, buzz cuts, short pompadours or slicked back hair. More recent trends in men’s hair styles have included man buns and top knots which can both be styled to look neater for a wedding.


When you think of a traditional wedding hair style for women, a ponytail is probably not a style that you would imagine, however ponytails have made their way into 2019 wedding trends. Whether your customers are looking for a simple, textured or wavy ponytail, it is a simple, tidy style that can look elegant on your customers.

A ponytail can help add a touch of youth to the bride but the simple style of a ponytail can help to shift the focus away from the hair and onto their face, which some clients may prefer.


Blush is most widely used on cheeks to bring out a rosy pink; however blush has started making its way to other areas of the face. A trend for 2019 is to introduce blush to the area around the lips and eye lids, which is said to add a touch of femininity to skin tone.

Again, you should work with your client to find the best shade that matches their natural skin tone to bring out the best of the blush.


Google Trends shows that the current beard trend can be traced back to 2012, but has shown no sign of slowing down. Whilst beards can sometimes be viewed as scruffy, a neat, sculpted beard is often best for a wedding and can add style to your customer’s look.

Working with your client can help them determine the style and length that they are happy with so that they can look their best and feel confident on the day.

Did you know?

People in the UK, on average, will spend £301 on hair and beauty treatments for their wedding.

Source: Brides Magazine

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