Posted on: 07 October 2019

How you can give back to your community

Whilst donations to a charity collection box will help charities financially, there are other ways that you can donate to charity as a business.

Being in the hospitality and catering industry, you may have some unique opportunities to help out those less fortunate.

How you can give to charities

Food donations

This is perhaps the most obvious choice for what you can do as a business working with food every day of the week. By donating food you will not only be helping to feed someone in need, but you will also be contributing towards a zero-waste society.

Donating cooked food can be tricky so do some research into the charities near you to see what foodstuffs they need and can accept so if your ingredients are nearing their sell-by date, why not consider donating them instead of throwing them out.

Transportation help

Do you have a business that also has access to transport? Charities are always on the lookout for your time, not just your money. If you can collect or deliver food get in touch with your local charities or food banks to see if you can help in any way. 

Resources can be scarce for charities, so by offering your services to help transport food, you will be making a huge difference in your community.

Work to eat

An example of one of the most famous community restaurants is the JBJ Soul Kitchen in New Jersey, owned by none other than Jon Bon Jovi. Whilst the establishment functions as a regular restaurant for paying customers, there is an option to volunteer at the restaurant in positions such as waiting staff, dishwashers or workers on the farm that provides the produce.

Is this something that you can implement at your business?  You would need to have induction sessions for your volunteers and make sure that they adhere to the highest health and safety standards, but this would be an opportunity to help. Charity doesn’t always mean giving donations; you could also use an opportunity like this to help someone kick-start their career in the hospitality sector.

Charity event

As a place where the public can gather, you could host a special evening to raise money for a charity of your choice. Whether you are a pub, hotel, restaurant or café, you have the opportunity to encourage your customers to raise money at a special event.

Choose a charity that you want to support and think of some ideas that you could use to help raise money. Consider hosting a quiz night, prosecco night, BBQ night, eating competitions or a movie night with proceeds going towards a charity of your choice.

Charity partnership at Premierline

In February 2019, Premierline’s parent company, Allianz UK, announced a 3 year charity partnership with mental health charity, Mind, which included their sister charity in Scotland, SAMH.

Throughout the 3 year partnership, all members of the Allianz UK team, including the team at Premierline, are taking part in a variety of activities to raise money for charity, which will then be matched by Allianz UK.

For Allianz UK’s last charity partnership with the Association of Air Ambulances, which lasted from 2016 to 2019, over £1m was raised for the various branches of Air Ambulances. The Premierline office raised £28,433.32 for the North West Air Ambulance throughout the partnership, which was matched by Allianz for a total of £56,866.64.

Several members of the Premierline team recently took part in the Allianz World Run, where Allianz employees from around the world tallied up their walks, runs and swims for a combined total of 1,641,826km. Allianz then donated a sum of money to SOS Children’s Village to support children in Chad, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

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