Posted on: 19 August 2014

Once you’ve decided that crowdfunding is the best way for your business to raise funds and achieve its ambitions, you’ll be searching for places to help you make sure your campaign is the best it can be.

As part of our guide, we’ve identified nine of the best online resources for launching a successful crowdfunding project.

How to make crowdfunding work for your business
Understand what crowdfunding is What is crowdfunding from TrillionFund
Know the process Working The Crowd from Nesta
Produce a specific and accurate business plan and marketing plan Why business plans are invaluable to crowdfunding campaigns from Crowdclan
Pick the right investors and give them reasons to invest Inspiring investment from Crowdcube
Tell a good story well 7 Strategies for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign from Fundable
Produce a compelling pitch Creating a successful pitch from Crowdcube
Create a powerful video Five steps to a great equity crowdfunding videofrom Seedrs
Secure the first 30% of your funding target The 30% magic rule from Crowdfund UK
Offer the right rewards Creating rewards from Kickstarter
Get some supporters to pledge their money as soon as your campaign goes live to validate it Seven steps to crowdfunding success from Crowdfunder
Communicate with investors before, during and after the campaign After your campaign from Indiegogo

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The risks of crowdfunding and how to avoid them

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