Posted on: 30 November 2020

Protecting customers at the busiest shopping period of the year

The Christmas period is known in the retail world as the Golden Quarter, as this is the time of year when businesses can make a huge amount of money.

However, 2020 has been completely different due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and this change is also likely to affect this year’s Christmas shoppers.

Have a look at our guide below to make sure that you can keep customers safe whilst making the most of the run-up to Christmas.

How to keep customers safe at your shop

To get customers coming back into your shop, you will need to make them feel safe from COVID-19.

Face masks

From the start of the pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) has been one of the most effective ways of keeping people safe from COVID-19. One of the most accessible and protective forms of PPE is a face covering.

It is the law in the UK that face masks must be worn in a variety of settings,  and whilst you may not be able to enforce the rule that customers have to wear a face covering in your business, by displaying signage about the positive effects of wearing a mask, encouraging staff to wear facemasks or providing face masks at your shop, your customers can see that you are taking COVID-19 safety seriously.

Visitor numbers and queueing

COVID-19 is known to spread when people gather in large numbers within small spaces, so try to keep the number of people in your store to a level where social distancing can be observed.

If more people are in your store than it can accommodate safely, you should create a queueing system outside of your store. Your queueing system should make sure that customers can be at least 2 metres apart, but you also need to organise it in a way that it doesn’t encroach too far onto a public walkway or someone else’s property.

Use floor markings and signage

Using markings on the floor to show customers how you want customers to move around your shop, wait in lines or social distancing rules can also help your customers feel safer.

Signage can also help customers navigate their way around your shop safely. Take a look at our previous article with some signage that you can download for free.

By giving them guidance on how to safely move around your premises, they can feel confident that they can pick up their Christmas shopping safely.

Click and collect

By spending as little time as possible in a small space, customers can feel safer when it comes to COVID-19.

The two UK lockdowns were the perfect time for many businesses to set up a click and collect system to allow customers to shop online and then pick up their items from a shop, which meant that shops were also safer to visit because people were spending less time in an enclosed space.

If you don’t have a click and collect system in place, have a look at how you can implement this into your business to keep customers safer when shopping can become busier.

Christmas decorations

Most businesses in the UK love putting up Christmas decorations to help spread some Christmas cheer, but should this year be different? You will need to have a good think about your Christmas decorations and whether or not they are appropriate for your business.

Christmas trees are one of the most festive decorations that anyone will instantly recognise, but they could also take up space in your store, that could be used to help people with social distancing. Christmas trees and other decorations will also need to be cleaned thoroughly, along with the rest of your shop, and is this something that you will have time to do as you get busier for the Christmas season?

Cleaning stations

One of the most effective methods of helping to curb the spread of COVID-19 has been washing hands, either with soap and water, or using hand gels.

Set up a station at the entrance and exit of your business so that customers can clean their hands both when they enter your business and when they leave. This will help to stop the virus entering your store, and keep people from spreading any virus particles they may have picked up from your premises.

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