Posted on: 26 March 2019

How does Mental Health affect the UK?

Monday 13th May 2019 marks the start of the UK’s national Mental Health Awareness week, which runs up until Sunday 19th May. Mental health problems cost the UK around £94bn a year in treatment and support costs, with £42bn of the overall figure attributed to the effects of mental health in the workplace.

The mental health charity, Time to Change, estimates that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems, so what can you do to raise money or awareness for mental health charities.

What can you do for Mental Health awareness?


Having a national observance for a charitable cause will present opportunities for you to fundraise where a lot of people can get involved.

Fundraising can be as simple as having a collection box that you will use throughout the week to raise money for your chosen charity. You could also agree to match whatever is raised in the box to encourage more of your customers to donate.

The Mental Health Foundation has promoted the idea of a Curry and Chaat event where you can invite people to come together and talk about mental health, whilst eating curry. Chaat is a play on words for an Indian dish as well as talking about mental health. If you have room at your premises, you could offer to host an event.

If you are able to get a group of colleagues together, why not take part in an active challenge in support of a mental health charity.

Talk to your team

We know that mental health is a problem in the UK but it’s surprising how little people talk about their experiences. Using the event as an opportunity to talk about mental health could be a way of encouraging your team to discuss mental health. By building a relationship with your staff you will make them feel more at ease to be able to have the difficult conversations that mental health brings, but you may also be able to notice signs if any member of your team is struggling.

If you need to have a conversation with a member of your team about how they feel, make sure that you have an environment where they feel comfortable to talk openly.

Promote mental health support

Even if you aren’t in a position to support people with mental health problems, you will be able to signpost them to places or organisations that can.

The Mental Health Foundation has created publications that you can download for free or purchase, which you can offer to your employees.  By purchasing these publications you will help raise funds for the foundation. Time to Change also provide materials for free that you can use to promote mental health awareness.

Use your social media channels to share information to raise mental health awareness, which could help to signpost your followers to mental health support groups. The mental health charity Mind also has an online community called Elefriends where people can find support if they are uncomfortable talking over the phone. Signposting your audience to this online support community may help someone in need.

Charity partnership with Mind

In February 2019, Premierline’s parent company, Allianz UK, announced a 3 year partnership with mental health charity, Mind. Members of the Allianz UK team, have the chance to vote for a charity to support over the course of 3 years. Allianz UK has set a target to raise £1 million for Mind over the course of the charity partnership.

The new partnership comes off the back of the charity partnership with the Association of Air Ambulances (AAA). Being based in the North West, Premierline raised money for the North West Air Ambulance charity and we were proud to announce that we raised £28,433.42, which was doubled by Allianz to reach a figure of £56,866.64. The total figure raised by Allianz UK for the AAA was £1.1 million.

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