Posted on: 23 June 2020

COVID-19 measures in the UK

Across the UK, there are currently varying measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus. For the latest COVID-19 rules, regulations and measures, visit the government website of the country that you are based.

England: The latest guidance for businesses in England can be at the UK government website.

Northern Ireland: Northern Irish businesses can find the most up to date guidance at the Northern Irish Department of Health website.

Scotland: For the latest updates for Scottish businesses, visit the Scottish government’s website.

Wales: Business based in Wales can find the most up to date information by visiting the Welsh government website.

The following article may refer to government guidelines which were in place on the date it was published.

The next step to help UK businesses open again safely

In the Prime Minister’s mid-May coronavirus announcement, he detailed the road map of the UK’s COVID-19 recovery plan, outlining the three phases that will help the United Kingdom’s economy to recover.

With the third phase expected to begin in July 2020, we’re taking a look at what will happen during this phase and what it means for UK businesses, subject to 5 tests being met.

What are the 5 coronavirus tests?

The 5 tests outlined by the government that would allow the UK to move from Phase Two to Phase Three are as follow:

  • The NHS can offer sufficient critical care across the UK
  • A sustained and consistent drop in daily deaths
  • The rate of infection decreasing (known as the R rate)
  • A ready supply of PPE to meet demand
  • That any steps implemented by the government will not result in a second wave of coronavirus

What is happening during Phase Three

In phase one of the UK lockdown, only essential shops were allowed to open, as well as outdoor workspaces, such as building sites. Phase two allowed larger shopping centres to reopen, with workers encouraged to go back to work if they were unable to work from home.

This means that the following types of businesses will be able to reopen during Phase three:

These businesses must enforce rules set out by the government guidance depending on the coronavirus threat level.

UK Government coronavirus alert system levels

To help you understand the threat levels, we are giving you an overview of each level, and what it means for your business

Level 5 - Red

Level 5 is the most critical point on the scale. This level means that coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the UK and threatens to overwhelm the NHS.

To combat coronavirus at this level, it is likely that the Government would have to enforce another lockdown to stop the spread of the virus, meaning that many UK businesses could be forced to closed again.

Level 4 - Orange

At this level, the transmission of coronavirus can still be high but shows signs of rising.

During this phase, social distancing is to be enforced. This will likely result in some businesses having to close, such as non-essential retailers.

Level 3 - Yellow

In Level 3, the virus is still in circulation, but not to an extent that warrants the higher levels of alert.

During this time, we will start to see restrictions relaxing, such as more businesses being allowed to open, along with public places, such as places of worship, and leisure facilities.

Level 2 – Light Green

At Level 2, the COVID-19 virus will still be present in the UK, but the number of cases and transmission rate are both low.

During this alert level, there will be no or minimal social distancing measures, meaning that businesses will likely be able to function as normal.

During this level, there will be enhanced testing, tracing, monitoring and screening.

Level 1 –Dark Green

At this point, there will be no active coronavirus cases in the UK.

During this phase, the Government will routinely monitor the coronavirus problem at an international level.

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