Premierline wants your views

Posted on: 18 December 2013

Commercial insurer Premierline is proud to reveal that its customers have given the company an average satisfaction rating of 95% over the past 12 months.

And of those who gave feedback on Premierline via the independent Feefo website since June last year, 65% rated us as ‘excellent’.

Besides scoring the company, our customers are also invited to leave comments on the assistance they received from us, and suggestions on how we can improve our sales and service procedures.

These comments can then be responded to directly by a senior member of staff at Premierline.

Feefo – which stands for Feedback Forum – serves over 1,000 UK businesses on a paid-for and voluntary basis and is completely independent to Premierline.

They gather their information by emailing a customer directly after the sale has been concluded with a request for feedback, which, once submitted, appears on the Feefo website.

The overall customer rating is displayed on Premierline’s website home page, with the full breakdown and analysis being just a click away.

One of the aims of using Feefo is to gather honest and transparent feedback from our customers in order to improve our internal procedures.

Lee Skidmore, Customer service Team Leader at Premierline, spoke of the benefits Feefo had granted to Premierline's operation.

He said: “Feedback is provided to all operations areas, with the positives being fed back to individuals and the negatives are used to learn on how we could be better.

“If the customer has placed a negative comment, customer service would contact the customer to try and resolve the issue. The customer is then given an option to re-rate our service.”

Lee added that the benefit was two-fold, with Premierline’s customers being granted a platform by which to communicate openly and honestly with the company.

He said: “Customers can view all the Feefo comments that have been submitted.

“This can give potential customers the confidence to make a purchase from us and gives existing customers the peace of mind that we respond to both negative and positive feedback.

“The customer’s feedback appears anonymous online, so the customer doesn’t have to disclose any details they don’t want to.”

For more on Feefo and to see customer feedback on Premierline please visit the company’s dedicated page at

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