Posted on: 03 August 2020

Ensuring an income in the colder months

Whilst many garden owners may see gardening as a summer activity, as a professional gardener, you will know that it is an all year-round job. To make sure that you can keep bringing some money into your business, let your customers know that you offer a winter service to keep their gardens looking pristine, no matter what time of year.

How to work in the colder months

Adapt to the new hours

Changing the clocks back to GMT brings different daylight hours than we experience in the warmer months.

During peak summer hours, the UK receives an average of around 15 hours of daylight, usually between 4am and 8pm. However, in peak December, we will usually only get about 7 and a half hours, on average between 8.30am to 4pm.

This gives you less time to be able to work safely in the daylight, so making sure that every minute working for a customer is well spent.

Save for the colder months

With a regular customer base, warm weather can be extremely profitable for gardeners, however when the colder months arrive, the opportunities might dry up.

Ensuring that your warm weather income can support you during the less busy times of year is essential to being able to keep your business running smoothly.

Watch your cash flow

With a little cash flow forecasting and some prudent budgeting, you should be able to rely on previous earnings to see you through the winter months.

Having a realistic idea of what you expect your income to be during the colder 6 months of the year will allow you to monitor how much you are spending to ensure that you are within your budget.

What to offer customers in the winter months

Leaf removal

As autumn settles in, leaves start falling from the trees and piling up on the floor.

This, of course, gives you an early opportunity to give your customers a visit to help clear their leaves, but also an early opportunity to tell them more about the services that you offer during the colder months.

Ivy removal

As many other plants have died or are dying and grass growth slows, pest plants like ivy or brambles can carry on growing.

Use the new lack of plants to get access to these nuisance plants to get rid of them for your customers.

Landscape work

Even though there may not be many plants and flowers to work on, you could still use winter as an opportunity to get into the garden for landscape maintenance.

Clearing pathways, trimming edges and chopping back hedges are all tasks that you can do for your customers throughout the colder or wetter months.

Soil preparation

Whilst there might not be anything growing in the soil, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare the soil for the upcoming year.

Using the colder seasons allows you to work in the soil whilst there is little foliage to obstruct you whilst you work and means that as soon as spring comes around, the soil is rich and nourishing.

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