Posted on: 05 May 2020

How your business can promote good mental health this year

Every year, the Mental Health Foundation uses Mental Health Awareness Week to promote positive mental health in the UK, using a particular theme.

This year, the theme was to be “sleep”, to show how sleep affects our mental health, however, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Mental Health Foundation decided to change the focus of the week to “kindness”.

As we have been in lockdown over the last few weeks, a number of heart-warming acts of kindness have been brought to light to help those in need. Take a look at some of the things that you can do as a business between 18th-24th May 2020 to promote kindness during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Promoting kindness as a business

Help others succeed

Whilst the world of business can be competitive, working together and helping others to succeed is a great example of being kind to others.

Most SMEs in the UK will rely on word of mouth referrals to make money, so if you hear that a client of yours needs support that you can’t offer, suggest some of your business contacts to help their business as well.

Support the NHS

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS struggled to cope with the increased need for staff and resources.

There are many ways that you can support the NHS, such as becoming an NHS volunteer, where you can help out in one of 300 different roles in the NHS. NHS England have currently halted recruitment of NHS Volunteers due to the surge of people wanting to help, but keep an eye out for future opportunities where you can help the NHS.

You could also help by providing resources for the NHS. Members of the public have been making PPE, such as masks, gowns and laundry bags to donate to their local health care providers.

Take a look at the government website to find out some of the different ways that you can help out the NHS, during the pandemic and even into the future.

Choose a charity partner

Whilst making donations to different charities can give support to a number of charities, you could make a huge difference to one of your local charities by exclusively raising money for them. All charities need support from the public, but your smaller local charities are ones who also need help, as they often lack the resources available to bigger multi-national charities.

Once you have chosen a charity that you want to support, contact their community fundraising team to arrange a partnership so you can raise money for them, and they could supply you with materials to help promote their charity.

Just because you have a partnership with one charity, doesn’t mean that you can’t do other charity work. For example, you could raise money for a charity of your choice, but also donate to food banks at certain times of the year.

Help vulnerable customers

Some of your customers may be elderly, disabled or going through financial difficulties. Providing work or goods and services for them at a lower cost during this time, or even free of charge if you can, is an amazing gesture that could make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Helping the vulnerable in your community could also give your business some great recognition and help build your network.

Kindness to your team

If you employ staff, they are the front line of your business and likely to be the first contact with your customers. If budget allows, give them a generous benefits package, as this can help keep morale high in your team.

If your team work bank holidays, add a couple of extra days onto their annual leave, allow an extra day off for an employee’s birthday or buy into a staff benefits package, such as Virgin Incentives or Perkbox.

Charity partnership with Mind

In 2019, Premierline’s parent company, Allianz UK, signed a 3-year partnership with Mind, with the challenge of raising £1m for the mental health charity.

As of 3rd March 2020, businesses across Allianz UK have raised over £400,000 for Mind.

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