Posted on: 13 May 2019

What are the latest risks?

Research from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), put together from statistics from 2018, has brought the top concerns in the construction industry to light.

Take a look at our infographic below to see if you can tackle any of these concerns at your business.

Safety concerns infographic

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Safety concerns summary

Top type of injury

Research from the HSE showed that the most common type of injury in the construction industry was a fracture, which accounted for 36% of all of the injuries in this sector.

Top cause of injury

The most common cause of injury was from slips, trips and falls causing 24% of all injuries.

Most dangerous days of the week

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were identified as the most dangerous days of the week to be working in the construction industry, with 60% of all injuries happening on these 3 days.

Most commonly injured body part

The most commonly injured body part was lower limbs, which account for 12% of all injuries in this sector.

Most dangerous activity

The HSE’s research found that the most dangerous activity in the sector was the construction of buildings, which accounted for 50% of all injuries.

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