Posted on: 30 November 2016

Tales of the Uninsured

No matter what size your business, you should always ensure that you are fully covered for all eventualities. Opting for a cheaper insurance option or failure to notice exactly what cover you need could lead to an increased risk of having inadequate insurance cover to meet your specific business needs.

Our tales of the uninsured series explains why it’s important to consider all of your business insurance needs and to make sure you are fully covered.

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   Download the full comic for more tales of:

  • Hapless Harry the Hair Stylist
  • Tragic Tom the Tree Surgeon
  • Hexed Henry the Hotelier
  • Pitiful Pearl the Pub Landlady
  • Miserable Mike the Mechanic
  • Luckless Liz the Landscaper
  • Calamitous Carl the Cake Maker
  • Woeful Will the Watch Repairer

Some of the insurance products these fictional characters should have considered include: Dog Walkers Insurance for Disastrous Dawn, Hairdressers insurance for Hapless Harry, Contractor Insurance for Tom the Tree Surgeon, Hotel Insurance for Hexed Henry, Pub Insurance for Pitiful Pearl, Mechanics Insurance for Miserable Mike, Gardeners Insurance for Luckless Liz, Catering Insurance for Calamitous Carl and Shop Insurance for Woeful Will.

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