The Essential Recruitment Guide for Small Business Owners

Posted on: 08 April 2014

For small businesses, hiring and retaining the right talent is vital to expansion and could prove to be the catalyst for ensuring a successful year ahead.

Are you one of the many small businesses wondering whether to recruit in 2014? With 65% of employers stating that that they planned to hire more permanent staff in the first quarter of 2014, a high percentage of businesses are already planning to expand and grow their workforce this year either by using a recruitment agency or by mangaing the process themselves.

We’ve put together this essential recruitment guide tailored specifically for small business owners, which is designed to offer the latest insight and know-how to help guide you through the entire process.

Organised into clear, easy to digest sections, it’s the must-have resource for small business owners looking to uncover the recruitment practices that they should be following in 2014. Featuring tips on how to attract the right talent to your business, including tips on how to use social media to showcase your business and how to search for employees, you’ll discover just how to identify the best candidates for your business.

This guide also focuses on the key areas that you will need to consider when looking to retain staff. As an employer it’s vital that you understand some of the techniques (some of which cost nothing) which will make employees feel valued and help promote a harmonious working environment. We also disclose the most popular benefits from an employee’s perspective and delve into important considerations such as how much to pay your staff and the salary

As this is a guide for 2014, we have also summarised the key changes to employment law for this year, such as the increase in the minimum wage and statutory rates, as well as other important changes which may impinge on both the rights of employers and staff.expectations of graduates.

To download the SME Recruitment e-book click on the image below.

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