Posted on: 08 November 2019

Why is it so important for the area?

Earlier this year, the Eden Project announced that they were looking to bring a new project to the North of England. Named Eden Project North, it will bring the unique Eden experience, that has been a huge success in Cornwall, to Morecambe, a small seaside town in the North of England, which has seen a decline from the hugely popular seaside resort days of the 1950s and 1960s.

Although there has been some cynicism about the project, there are of course many benefits that come with new construction projects such as this.

What new construction projects can offer to towns?

An update to the aesthetic

Over the years, there have been many landmarks and attractions in Morecambe that have shut down and been demolished.

Eden Project North is set to be situated on the former site of the Bubbles indoor and outdoor swimming pool, demolished in 2001 and The Dome event arena, demolished in 2011. However, neither of these attractions were replaced by anything and now all that is left is a large concreted area that is a regular host to a travelling theme park.

The construction of the Eden Project North will bring a more modern look to this area of the Morecambe prom, largely considered to be a key area of Morecambe, home to the stone jetty and the 1920’s style Art Deco Midland Hotel.

New construction projects, like the Eden Project North, are essential in rejuvenating towns and cities to bring a more modern and attractive look to the area.

Visitor attraction

Morecambe was, unfortunately, one of the towns involved in the Crinkly Bottom phenomena in 1994, when the hugely popular TV character, Mr Blobby, opened a theme park at Morecambe’s Happy Mount Park. However, the attraction closed after only 4 months when it was discovered that the attraction merely consisted of a few small houses and someone in a Mr Blobby Suit. This led to a lengthy and expensive legal battle with the creator of the concept and an investigation into the council who approved the attraction.

Whilst Bubbles and The Dome are finally being replaced, Morecambe’s Frontierland remains derelict, as it has done since 2007 with no concrete plans to build on the site. Morecambe’s Polo Tower, a 150-foot observation tower, which was part of Frontierland stayed up for a further decade after the park’s closure because of a contract placing a telephone mast at the top of the tower. The tower was finally dismantled in 2017 following the expiry of the contract.

Visitor numbers to Morecambe are expected to soar with Eden Project North and if it can emulate the success of the Eden Project in Cornwall, which is estimated to be worth £2bn to the local economy, and will provide the town with a much-needed boost.

There is a link between new construction projects and increased levels of tourism, and Eden Project North is just one example of that. Other major projects that have had a considerable impact on tourism include the Olympic Park in London, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Sydney Opera House in Sydney and the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Creating jobs

The construction of the project is estimated to bring an additional 500 jobs to the area for local people. On top of this, Lancaster & Morecambe College has added an Eden study programme to their curriculum in line with the Eden Project Study to prepare young people for working at the new attraction. Lancaster University has also partnered with the Eden Project North.

Construction projects not only help to create jobs during the construction of the projects but also create jobs for the people who may be working at the new site once it is completed. The construction of visitor attractions also have huge potential to help boost a local economy, not just financially, but also by helping to employ people and equip them with new skills.

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