Posted on: 22 May 2018

Over the last ten years, the contracting sector has risen by more than a third, with around 1.88 million contractors currently employed across the UK.

According to the most recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), self-employed people make up around 15.1 per cent of the UK’s workforce, with around 4.7m people being self-employed - a third of whom work as contractors. Of these, engineering and construction take up the largest proportion of active business contractors.

But with growth comes competition. And for those wanting to cut through the noise of nearly two million contractors, it can be somewhat of an uphill struggle.

In order to get your voice heard in this crowded sector, it is paramount that you employ a rigorous contractor marketing strategy. Here a few ways to get started.

Build a website

As many people only seek the services of a contractor when they are needed urgently, it is likely that most of those interested in your services will be first-time customers. This is why awareness is of the utmost importance to any contractor business.

As such, a website will be one of your business’ most powerful lead-generation tools. Not only should it give prospective customers an insight into who you are as a company, it should also present your products and services in an easy-to-read format.

Take the time to invest in a professional-looking website. The homepage should clearly show visitors everything they need to know about your business. Populate the homepage with plenty of call-to-actions (i.e. ‘Get your free estimate here’) to steer prospective customers in the right direction; this will simplify the click-to-contact process and could increase sales.

Get your name out there

Google My Business

Google My Business helps business owners amplify the way their company is presented in the Google search results. To get your business verified by Google My Business, you must submit details such as your location, contact number, business name, website, etc. Once verified, your business will be listed in Google Maps and will appear in the featured snippet section of the search results when your company is searched for.


Appearing in local directories is another way to increase your business’s visibility. Some of the most well-known online directories are and, while offline publications, such as local newspapers, can be just as effective.

To further increase your brand awareness, try listing your business on contractor-specific websites, such as, and These are the Gumtree of the contracting world, with customers specifically searching for jobs in your sector. Directories within this niche operate a strict vetting process which means, once listed, your business is presented as trustworthy and, thus, good enough for the job.

Social media

Once your website is up and running, you should look to build your brand via social media. While there are many excellent social networking channels to choose from, one of the most effective for contractor marketing is Facebook Business. On this platform, business owners can interact with customers, display handiwork, show contact details, and update customers on any changes within the business. You can also look at setting up Twitter and Linked accounts, depending on the type of clients you are targeting.

Receive reviews

Reviews are a vital part of any contractor marketing strategy. After all, if a prospective customer only hears about your business through the magic of the internet, they will have never experienced your services or met you.

As reviews are unbiased ex-customer accounts, they are generally regarded more highly than any other copy on your website; essentially, reviews are the ‘try before you buy’ experience of the online world.

You can do this by populating your website and/or social pages with testimonials from previous colleagues and clients. It is also a good idea to collate reviews from third-party sites such as Trust Pilot, and Feefo, and embed these on your website. These reviews help to qualify your legitimacy as a business and can help to put minds at ease. Testimonials also tell Google your contracting website is worth ranking highly in the search results.

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