Posted on: 26 April 2019

How you can become more proactive

By taking a training course, you are helping yourself by expanding your skill set. Even if the information is something you already know, it can help to have a little refresher.

We have taken a look at some of the training options that exist to help you in running your business. You may be able to take day courses to reduce the time away from work, and may even be able to access funding through government schemes.

What are your options

Even if you have a speciality that you do day in and day out, there will often be options available to you to help with some of the tasks that aren’t focussed on your profession.

Social media training

Social media has played a huge role in marketing for a number of years now, and can be a cheap, or free, tool to use for your own business. We may use social media regularly in our personal lives, but running a social media channel for your company is very different.

A freelance business may rely on social media because of how easy it is the have your business’ information shared online. Social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, are constantly changing how they are used so even if you are a proficient user, make sure that you are keeping yourself up to date on any changes.

Computing skills

Throughout most of our lifetimes, technology has advanced beyond basic computers to the huge amount of useful technology that we have today. The programmes that we might use regularly, such as Office or Adobe suites, have a huge number of features that you may not know about which can help you improve your productivity.

A quick internet search will be able to find you a course that you can take, either online or through a training provider, which will help you improve your current skill base.

Sales skills

Sales techniques can be a tricky thing to master, and whilst some people have a natural gift to be able to sell, not everyone has the confidence to do so.

By developing your own sales skills, you may be able to attract a wider range of clients who you may not have been able to previously access. As a highly sought after skill, sales courses are rarely free but the investment in your own skills is an essential part of helping your business grow.


Managing your own finances is a crucial part of being self-employed as your financial health will play a huge part in whether or not your business is successful and can continue to operate. Knowing how to keep records of your money is essential, and not having accurate tax records can land you with a fine or even a prison sentence.

Courses for accounting are very rarely free, however the benefits to knowing about how to monitor, control, document or even spend your company’s finances are essential to the success of your business. You could also become qualified by the leading accounting body in the UK, AAT.

Time management

Once your business starts to take off, you may find yourself struggling for time to fit in all of your activities. If this is the case, take the time to give yourself a refresher on how to best manage your time.

Time Management courses are rarely free and, ironically, you may need to take a day out from your business to attend a day course. The benefits of the course however, will outweigh the cost, as you give yourself a refresher on how to prioritise your time.

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