Posted on: 01 February 2019

Valentine’s Day themes with a twist

As the day of love approaches, you may be preparing your romantic menu, planning your decorations or stocking up on flowers, but are there any ideas that you can use to give your Valentine’s Day income a boost?

Dating in the dark

A date night event that is well established, but provides a fun way for singles to meet new people and get to know them in a different way.

This will work best if you get people to sign up in advance and pair them up before they arrive. Randomly pair your customers together, but blindfold them so that they can’t see each other. This is more likely to encourage conversation on a date, and will help your customers get to know each other.

Things could get messy once the food and drink arrives, so you may need extra staff on hand to help your customers find their food, which could eat into your profits, but the event will hopefully produce some fantastic publicity if it goes well. Guests may feel vulnerable when blindfolded, so make sure that there are clear guidelines set.

Cinema date night

A date night for couples might be a meal and a trip to the cinema, so why not use Valentine’s Day to combine the two?

If you have the space, arrange your tables to face in the same direction, and use a projector to show a film. Choose a cheesy romantic film such as Love Actually or Bridget Jones’ Diary to make sure that all customers enjoy their experience, and provide the usual cinema snacks such as popcorn, nachos and sweets.

Make sure that you have the right licence and permissions to show your chosen film and take bookings well in advance of the event. You could advertise the event through social media and encourage your followers to share it with their friends and followers.

Anti-Valentine’s Day

A 2018 survey showed that 31.2% of people in the UK won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day, so include an anti-Valentine’s Day option on your menu.

Prepare for an influx of customers who want to eat out on Valentine’s Day, but make sure that you cater to singles so you aren’t alienating your customer base. You could use an offer for singles to encourage them to come and dine with you, such as a free starter for singles, or a bottle of wine for someone who brings their parents.

Takeaway option

Whilst many customers enjoy a meal out on Valentine’s Day, there may be some who want to enjoy good food in the comfort of their own home.

Buying in the right equipment and packaging will let you offer a takeaway option for your customers, so that they can still enjoy restaurant style food whilst being able to spend time at home with their loved ones.

As a restaurant, it is unlikely that you will have a delivery person, so you can make your takeaway a collection only service, or keep an eye out for any delivery freelancers who you can use for the evening to take food to your customers.

Traffic light dating

Another dating option for singles that you could host would be a traffic light dating party. Your guests will wear a different colour sticker or item of clothing depending on what they want to get from the evening.

Red indicates that they are not interested in being approached for a date, and could be attending for fun or to support a friend. Yellow means that the wearer has a complicated situation, perhaps they have just come out of a relationship or aren’t confident in being approached. Green will indicate that the person is actively looking for a date or relationship.

Offer snacks for your customers to eat whilst they mingle and promote special offers on drinks. The event is unlikely to need customers to register, but make sure that you have enough food, drink, space and stickers.


Valentine’s Day is a hugely popular time for spending money, so catering to your customers’ needs is vital in optimising your income. Whilst many customers will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in one way or another, there will be a pocket of customers who aren’t celebrating, that you don’t want to risk driving away from your establishment.

This means having to find the right balance to ensure you reach your maximum amount of customers.

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