Posted on: 15 February 2016

Connect with people

The value of co-working is in the relationships, far more than the resources. There are opportunities to speak to a range of businesses and individuals, all at different levels within their business and enterprise progression.

“Small business owners tend to struggle with things [within business] that they aren’t sure about, so co-working provides them with a community of people who can answer their questions and give them tangible advice.” says Philip Dodson, director of @WorkHubs in London.

Being a member of a co-working space is extremely beneficial for those seeking business and skill collaboration opportunities too.

“If you need a task done that is outside of your skill set, there is likely somebody in your co-working space who can help you out.” adds Philip.

A cost effective option

The flexibility of co-working spaces means that facilities, desk and office spaces are available on a monthly membership fee with no long-term commitments required. Some spaces even offer hourly and daily drop-in rates so you can choose your lease terms depending on your business needs.

Work-life balance

Moving into a space that is dedicated for work could give both your productivity and work-life balance a real boost and help you maintain a sense of consistency and rhythm.

“Getting out of the house and working in a productive environment is the best part of co-working. The freedom of it really benefits your work-life balance, you can leave your work at work and focus on your home life separately.” says Sara Turnbull, founder of the Bootstrap Company.

A DeskMag survey revealed that 60% of co-workers felt more relaxed at home since working in a co-working environment.4

Office amenities

One of the greatest appeals of co-working is that it’s a work ready environment – as soon as you need it. Amenities such as printing facilities, meeting rooms and kitchen spaces provide the essentials that you need to run your business.

Many spaces go above and beyond this threshold, offering additional services and facilities from cafes, bars and free car parking to sound booths, editing suites and industry specific machinery.

View our full co-working guide here or browse through the content below to learn more.

  1. What is co-working?
  2. Why is co-working popular?
  3. What are the benefits of co-working? (You are here)
  4. What is co-working really like?
  5. Choosing a co-working space

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Business Guidance

What are co-working spaces?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

Why is co-working popular?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

What are the benefits of co-working?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

What is co-working really like?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

Choosing a co-working space

15 February 2016

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