Posted on: 05 December 2018

How business owners can use Santa as a role model

Every year, Santa Claus spends his time running his workshop and managing his team of elves to ensure the delivery of presents to the whole world on Christmas Eve. By running this large scale business, there are lessons that business owners can learn from Santa and how he coordinates this task each year.

Recognise your staffs’ strengths

We all know the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. He went from reindeer outcast to going down in history, after Santa noticed how Rudolph's nose could be used to guide the sleigh on one foggy Christmas Eve.

Rudolph's nose was originally a weakness, however Santa was able to spot potential and use it to his advantage. Great leaders will be able to spot the strengths in their teams and be able to develop those strengths.

Build yourself a dedicated team

Although the real Saint Nicholas traces back to the 3rd century, the idea of Father Christmas emerged around 1820. Since then, Santa has brought presents to children through economic depressions, recessions and two world wars. 

None of this would be possible without the team of elves, reindeer and Mrs Claus who help out every year.  Having the right team around you will help you trade for many years to come.

Know your customers’ needs

It is estimated that Santa delivers presents to approximately 1.9 billion children worldwide, yet still knows who has been naughty, who has been nice and what all of them want to receive on Christmas Day.

You will need to understand your customer base to be a successful business owner,  you should keep your customers happy by satisfying their needs so that they become positive brand advocates. These customers could be on your "nice list".

Going green

For decades, Santa has been using his sleigh and Reindeer to transport his goods around the world, in what could be the very first example of an express delivery service that doesn't impact the environment.

With a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles coming into effect in 2040, now could be a great time to start using greener vehicles, such as hybrids or fully electric cars or vans for your commercial vehicles.

Santa’s job specification

Every business needs an owner who can guide it to success, and with such a huge job to undertake throughout the year, Santa has a tough job on his hands. We have created a job specification in the below infographic for what we believe it would take to be Santa Claus.

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Premierline

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