What is Innovation for Small Businesses?

Posted on: 24 January 2014

In today's business environment, standing out from the competition and staying ahead is key to future growth. Building innovation into all areas of your business strategy can help strengthen your position.

We've conducted research to understand how SMEs view innovation and how many of them actively encourage innovative thinking to improve their businesses. Innovation doesn't have to be costly; whether you are a small retailer, run a pub, or a warehouse, even the smallest of ideas can revolutionise the way you operate, saving you time and money, and potentially increasing your profits.

Our latest infographic explains what innovation is and illustrates how other small businesses have successfully implemented innovation into their businesses. There are also further hints and tips for taking innovations forward in your own SME.

Feel free to use this infographic by using the embed code below:

<p style="border:1px solid #ccc; padding:10px;font-family:monospace;"><ahttp://www.premierline.co.uk/knowledgecentre/business-advice/2014/1/what-is-innovation-for-small-businesses"><img src="http://www.premierline.co.uk/media/343985/pd-infographic-whole-800w.jpg"alt="Innovation for your small or medium sized business" title="Innovation for your small or medium sized business" width="380"/></a><p>Infographic by <a href="http://www.premierline.co.uk/">Premierline Direct</a></p></p>

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