Posted on: 30 January 2015

There are several online directories that list current franchise opportunities across the UK. The best place to start is the British Franchising Association, which lists all the accredited franchise brands that are currently looking for franchisees.

In addition to the BFA, you can also search franchise opportunities on the following websites:

Up and down the country franchise shows, fairs, seminars, open days, exhibitions, workshops and more are being hosted by those involved in the sector throughout the year.

Once you’ve made up your mind that becoming a franchisee is the best route forward for you, Sarah suggests attending more local events. “Regional shows avoid you wasting time talking to franchisors who don’t have opportunities available in your territory, as can be the case at the national shows,” she explains.

“A good place to start is the National Franchise Exhibition,” says Sarah Carlile, Director, Coconut Creatives.

“Which will give you an overall flavour for the sorts of people that franchisors are and the sorts of businesses they run.”

Use the content guide below to answer your franchising questions:

I'm considering franchising: 
 - The experts introduction to Franchising
 - What is franchising?
 - How big is the UK franchising market?

I want to franchise my business - Becoming a Franchisor

 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of franchising?
 - Does my business suit the business model?
 - What do I need to consider when setting up the franchise?
 - What are my options for funding a franchise?
 - How do I recruit the right franchisees?

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 How do I choose the right franchise business?

Business Guidance

How do I choose the right franchise business?

30 January 2015
How can I finance becoming a franchisee?

Business Guidance

How can I finance becoming a franchisee?

30 January 2015

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