Posted on: 11 September 2020

Who can carry on working from home as COVID-19 measures ease?

As lockdown restrictions are slowly easing across the UK many businesses have been allowed to reopen. But, with the threat of a second wave of COVID-19 and many workers successfully working from home, some employers are facing the decision of whether or not they should be bringing their team back to their business premises.

In a previous article, we showed you the pros and cons of keeping your team working from home where possible. This time, we’re helping you decide which of your employees will be better off continuing to work from home.

How do you decide?

Consider roles and responsibilities

Specific roles within a business may not allow your team to work from home long term. There will be roles within your business that rely on face-to-face contact that isn’t possible when working from home.

For example, customer support roles may have worked over the phone, however, many customers enjoy having someone that they can speak to directly if they have an issue. Face-to-face customer service often helps to build on the relationship with the customer, and also helps the customer to trust you as a business.

When taking a look at each role, evaluate each one to check if they are better suited to being on your office premises, and keep relevant documentation to support your decision.

Evaluate each case individually

In regards to health, COVID-19 can affect different people in different ways. Those with underlying health conditions that affect breathing are more likely to experience the symptoms of COVID-19 more adversely to those without those conditions.

Therefore, when you are deciding who can stay working from home, consider allowing those with underlying health conditions to stay working from home, even if working back on the business premises is better for the business. If the member of your team has been able to carry out their work, even at a reduced capacity, there is no need to potentially expose them to COVID-19, which could severely affect their health.

You should also take into consideration those who may or may not want to return to the office. If there has been a member of staff who has been able to work from home, but feels like they work better on the business premises, you could allow them to return.

Let your team leaders or managers decide

The people managers in your business will be best equipped to know your team’s needs when it comes to working from home or going back to the business premises.

You can leave it up to the people managers in the business to make the decision themselves on who they want to bring back into the business or listen to their advice on who they think needs to come back in, or who is better off at home.

Open and honest dialogues

Maintain clear and consistent communication with your team throughout the whole process to avoid conflicts when deciding who should come back in or not.

Be prepared to be flexible and make changes as new information is presented to you, allowing you to make changes that benefit your whole team.

Further COVID-19 guidance

Take a look at some of our other articles about COVID-19 that may help you make a decision on how to bring staff back into your business premises.

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Source: Zywave Inc. – Risk Insights: Deciding who should work from home during COVID-19

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