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Pets can be playful but sometimes unpredictable; even the friendliest animals can get spooked or distracted when out and about. Your customers look for complete trust and reliability in you, meaning dog walkers insurance must be a top priority in case something goes wrong. Whether you’re helping out your friends or relatives, or running a full time dog walking business with employees, having the right insurance in place to protect you against the unexpected is essential.

We arrange dog walkers insurance that gives you peace of mind to focus on the job in hand. We understand the exposures you face daily and the covers you need most. Running a business can be time consuming which is why we’ve taken the hassle out of arranging your dog walkers’ insurance. You can protect your business online in a matter of minutes if you know the covers you need, or if you’re looking for some advice and professional insurance recommendations, then call us to speak to one of our advisors today. Caring for your clients' companions and keeping them in good shape is a great responsibility; don’t leave anything to chance. Protect your dog walking business online or speak to our expert advisors for advice and professional insurance recommendations tailored to you.

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Protecting your dog walking business

All animal lovers will know and appreciate the variety of personalities and characteristics that pets can exhibit, particularly when they are about to embark on one of their favourite activities. The ‘w’ word has to be top of the list for dogs and it’s fantastic to share this experience with so many four-legged friends on a daily basis. But things can go wrong when you least expect it, which is why dog walkers insurance should be a top priority.

So what are the risks? And what are the potential consequences? Keeping a dog on a lead goes a long way to keeping them and everyone around them safe; but what happens when they spy a cat to chase or get spooked by something unexpected? Could you cover the cost of an incident on the road if one of the dogs in your care caused it? Or the medical bills and compensation costs if a dog was to bite someone whilst under your supervision?

Liability cover

Dog walkers insurance can protect you and your business against a number of incidents typically in one easy to buy policy. From third party property damage to injuries and accidents – the right insurance can give you peace of mind should something unexpected happen. Public liability insurance is key for any dog walker as this can protect you and your business against the implications of accidental injury or accidental damage to property. You never know what is around the corner so protecting against the unexpected is fundamental to the financial security and reputation of your business.

You may work alone or employ a team to support you; if you employ staff then it’s essential to have employers’ liability insurance in place to protect you in case they have an accident at work. If a member of staff was attacked by one of the dogs, they may require medical treatment and could claim compensation as a result. Employers’ liability insurance should take care of these costs and also fulfil your legal obligations.

Comprehensive dog walkers insurance

There are many other covers to consider when arranging your dog walking insurance; do you require legal protection? Do you have a vehicle that you use to transport animals that you might need to insure for commercial purposes? All of these considerations will need to be taken into account and different insurers will offer different covers at varying levels.

We understand that one size does not fit all and that each business will require a tailored approach to their dog walking insurance. That’s why we are available on the phone to help you arrange the right business insurance at the right price. Our advisors are on hand to make professional insurance recommendations based on your unique requirements. However if you know the covers you need and don’t need advice, you can compare covers and prices and protect your business online in a matter of minutes. Don’t leave it to chance – protect your dog walking business today.

Covers to consider:

  • Public liability
  • Employers' liability
  • Personal accident
  • Commercial legal expenses

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