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Motor trades insurance overview

Those in the motor trade industry are faced with a wide range of risks associated with the profession, meaning that specialist insurance is needed to protect against the unexpected. Motor trade insurance, or traders insurance, incorporates a number of trades including driving schools, new and used car sales, as well as workshops for body repairs or mechanical repairs, modification garages and valets.

There are varying degrees of covers available, depending on the size of your business and the risks that you are exposed to. Valets or mechanics for example drive other people’s vehicles and would therefore need road risk insurance as a minimum to insure against potential accidents.

Car dealerships may require more comprehensive car sales insurance cover to protect their premises, forecourt, vehicles, and employees, as well as needing road risk insurance to protect against all eventualities. These can generally be combined into one complete motor trade policy.

Whether you are looking for road risk only cover, trading from home, or working from a premises you own, we can help you find the motor trade insurance that is right for your business. Road risk only cover is suitable for those who solely drive customers vehicles, however if you are working from a premises, then there are additional considerations to make. Many motor traders have employees, and are therefore required by law to have employers liability insurance in place to protect them against accidents in the workplace.  

Our team of business insurance specialists work closely with you to make sure that you get the appropriate cover your business requires, without paying for covers you don’t need. We pride ourselves on exceptional service standards, and work hard to find motor traders insurance that is tailored to your business needs.

Whether you are involved in sales, repairs, cleaning or teaching, our insurance specialists are on hand to help you and take care of arranging your motor trade policy and talk you through the covers your business needs most.

So speak to us today for a motor trade insurance quote and make arranging your insurance simple and hassle free.

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