Posted on: 08 April 2021

Looking after your feet in your salon

The hair and beauty industry is a fast-paced industry, with most of the work that you do requiring you to be on your feet all day.

Wearing the wrong kind of footwear can lead to serious discomfort and even accidents, so take a look at some of the ways you can decide if the footwear you wear is appropriate to keep yourself, staff, customers and other visitors safe.

What kind of footwear to use in your salon

The shape of the footwear

Footwear that will keep you comfortable when working in a salon will fit the shape of your foot, rather than altering the shape of your foot, as many formal styles of shoe do.

Because everyone has different shaped feet, you will need to pick your shoes based on your own comfort, whilst taking into consideration the type of shoe to wear to create a professional image.

The comfort of the shoe

Working in a salon, you will likely spend the majority of your day working on your feet. You need your shoes to be comfortable as well as smart.

Regardless of the shape of your foot, for a shoe to be comfortable, they will need to be tight-fitting enough to stay on your foot, without being so tight as to cause pain or circulation problems. Fitting to your foot properly will also reduce the chances of you tripping over.

Shoes should also have good arch support, which keeps your foot and ankle in line with the rest of your leg, improves stability and relieves pressure. Arch support can be added to shoes, so if your shoes don’t have them, you can easily put more support into them.

Tenderness and pain on top of the foot can be avoided by using shoes that have some form of padding under the tongue of the shoe.

Shoe practicality

Your shoes will also need to be practical for the job to be able to keep you steady throughout your day.

Consider shoes with laces, because they will be less constrictive than slip-on shoes. You can tighten or loosen laces on shoes to get the right level of comfort and practicality, whereas shoes without laces can’t be adjusted for comfort.

If you are working on hard surfaces all day, consider shock-absorbing soles. These soles can be bought and added to shoes, and they help to alleviate pressure when walking on hard surfaces.

Never wear high heels that are more than 5cm, as long term use will add pressure to your foot, leading to pain, blisters and a permanent condition known as pump bump, where swelling will form around the heel bone due to the unnatural position from wearing heels. You should also be cautious about wearing shoes that are too flat, which don’t provide support to your foot, ankle and leg.

Tips on buying suitable shoes

When you are looking for a new pair of shoes for work purposes, make sure that they are right before you buy them. Use these tips to make sure that the shoes you buy are fit for purpose.

Don’t just try them on

Putting shoes on can give you a good idea of whether or not they fit well, but make sure that you take a walk about to see if you can find any pressure points or any feelings of tightness that may cause issues with longer periods of use.

Measure the shoe accurately

To ensure the best amount of room for your toes, a shoe should provide a gap of up to 2.5cm between the end of the shoe and your big toe. This will ensure there is enough room for your toes to move around.

Did you know?

If you are finding you have some pain in your heels, this may come from a lack of support in your feet arches. Find shoes with added arch support that may provide a solution to the problem.


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