Posted on: 15 August 2017

An in-depth guide to setting up a tutoring business

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you eager to be your own boss?

With the help of this downloadable guide, you could ditch the nine-to-five and go about setting up your own tutoring business.

We understand that setting up your own business can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we have broken up this downloadable guide into manageable chunks, allowing you to tick off each step as you go.

Learn how to obtain a DBS license, register your business with the HMRC, set up a website, and much more.

Whether you choose to teach children or adults, English or Maths, this guide will give you some of the essentials needed to start undertaking tutoring work. For extra guidance, we have also included a few invaluable tips and tricks from people who have succeeded in setting up their own tutoring business – so you can learn from the best!

If you want a flexible business with minimal overheads, becoming a tutor could be the career for you. Make a start on your tutoring business plan by perusing this guide.

Premierline help many start up tutors arrange commercial teachers insurance to let you work without worry.

The business guide covers:


One common question asked by prospective tutors.

  • PGCE Courses


In order to work with children or vulnerable people, you need toget a DBS certificate.

  • Working with Children

Business status

Something you’ll need to decide relatively early on is your legaltrading status.

  • Choosing a suitable business status


Considering where you will conduct lessons.

  • Two options to consider
    • Option 1: Tutoring in person
    • Option 2: Become an online tutor


To become a private tutor you need a few essentials.

  • Things to consider...

Getting a website

Many prospective customers will search online to find tutors in their local area, so having a professional looking website is essential.

  • Your website will be your shop window
  • It’s easy to build a website yourself


Private tutoring businesses rely heavily on word-of-mouth, as well as the repeat business they naturally gain over time.

  • Use a tutoring agency
  • Utilising Social Media

Taking Payments

As a tutor, you need to make sure your customers can pay for your service quickly and on time.

  • Payment Methods
  • How much can you expect to be paid?


Taking out the right insurance for your tutor business is crucial.

  • Protect your business against the unexpected

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