Posted on: 15 February 2016

Lawrence Tilley is the Director of Design for Digital Ltd, a company creating websites and managing the online presence of Small to Medium Enterprises in the UK. The company is based in ‘The Guild’ in Bath.

“Co-working is a great opportunity for my business to seek not only prospective SME clients but connect with a network of businesses and sole traders who are members here to help in all aspects of my business; from accountancy, sales training, development, or even specialist niches. Also having members to bounce ideas off in the co-working space who aren’t necessarily involved in my business is invaluable.”

“Occasionally when clients visit for meetings, some find the space more relaxed compared to their usual office environment. Once they’re acquainted with the benefits the co-working space has to offer, they often look into membership for themselves.”

Ian Pettigrew is the Director of Kingfisher Coaching, a company providing leadership development programmes, team development and coaching. Ian runs his company from ‘The Landing’ in Manchester’s MediaCity.

“I love being based at MediaCityUK as it is a location that I find hugely inspiring and energising, and a shared working space is great for me as I am at my best when I’m surrounded by other people. I don’t view myself as a freelancer, I view myself as a business – albeit a small one - and I like to have a professional base that reinforces that for me.”

“I can get distracted by interesting conversations around me, but that is when headphones (and the right Spotify playlist) can be helpful at times.”

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  1. What is co-working?
  2. Why is co-working popular?
  3. What are the benefits of co-working? 
  4. What is co-working really like? (You are here)
  5. Choosing a co-working space

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Business Guidance

What are co-working spaces?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

Why is co-working popular?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

What are the benefits of co-working?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

What is co-working really like?

15 February 2016

Business Guidance

Choosing a co-working space

15 February 2016

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