Posted on: 31 October 2019

Helping you grow your business in 2020

2020 is full of key events and dates that you can use to promote your business, helping you to attract more customers so that you can grow.

We are looking at national days, annual events and holidays so that you can also put these important dates into your own calendar for future reference.

The Retail Calendar

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Retail Calendar summary


Dry January – Many people use the new year as an opportunity to give up alcohol, especially after the festivities of the New Year. Offer your customers alternatives on healthy drink products to help them.

1st January - New Year’s Day – Encourage customers to share New Year’s resolutions and tailor special deals based around popular New Year goals, such as fitness or quitting smoking.

20th January – Blue Monday – The third Monday of January is known as the most depressing day of the year. Are your customers ready for a bit of retail therapy?

25th January – Chinese New Year - Celebrate the Year of the Rat with Chinese New Year decorations in-store and themed posts on social media.

25th January – Burn’s Night - The event celebrating the Scottish poet, Robbie Burns. You may have to choose whether you're supporting Burns Night or Chinese New Year so that your decorations won't clash!

Did you know? Whilst being named after the Roman god Janus, January wasn’t originally part of the Roman calendar


1st February – Six Nations Rugby – Europe's premier international annual rugby tournament starts. Support your favourite team by putting up decorations in your store.

2nd February – Super Bowl LIV – The biggest sporting event in America hits the 54th edition. Give your shop an American theme and show your support for your favourite teams. 

14th February – Valentine’s Day – Celebrate the day of love by offering discounts on chocolates and cards. See if you can offer small heart shaped chocolates with certain purchases.

25th February – Shrove Tuesday – Bring customers into your shop with a pancake stall. If you’re running a cafe add pancakes to your specials menu.

29th February – Leap Year – As 2020 is a leap year, there will be an extra day for you to utilise to bring in some extra sales. February 29th falls on a Saturday, so let your customers know what you are planning for opening hours.

Did you know? The month is named for the Latin word februum, meaning purification.


1st March – St David’s Day - Put up Welsh decorations around your business, like dragons or daffodils and wish your customers a happy St David's Day on social media.

5th March – World Book Day - Use social media to tell your followers what your favourite book is and encourage their engagement by asking about the books that they love.

8th March – International Women’s Day - Celebrate the influential women in your business by holding an evening drinks reception for your staff.

9th March – Sport Relief - Sport Relief lasts until the 13th and gives you a chance to encourage your customers to raise money for charity whilst also getting active.

17th March – St Patrick’s Day - Decorate with all things Irish and encourage your staff to dress up. Use St Patrick’s Day symbols on your marketing materials.

20th March – Spring Equinox - Officially the end of winter, heading into spring. Encourage your customers to get outdoors more as the weather gets better.

22nd March – Mothering Sunday - Display a range of gifts for mum or create a product brochure online. Make mother’s day headers for your social media and website.

29th March – Daylight Savings - On this day, the clocks will go forward an hour. Post on social media to remind your customers.

Did you know? Scientist, Albert Einstein was born on 14th March, 1879. Einstein was most famous for his theory of relativity, E=MC2.


1st April – April Fool’s Day - Share jokes and funny stories from customers online throughout the day.

6th April – New Tax Year - The start of the new tax year. This will run until midnight on 5th April 2021. Remember to get your tax returns in for 2019 by midnight on 31st January 2020.

7th April – World Health Day - Encourage your customers and staff to be healthy on this day. Promote healthy eating and discourage smoking, fatty foods and alcohol.

12th April – Easter Sunday - Hide eggs throughout your store for people to find and offer a prize when they bring it to you. 

21st April – Queen’s Birthday - Celebrate the Queen’s official birthday with special royal displays in-store. Take to social media to ask customers what they think she got for her birthday.

23rd April – St George’s Day - Take part in St Georges day events and give away free English themed products, foods or drinks.

26th April – London marathon - Make good luck banners and if you're sponsoring anyone put a collection box out for them. If you're based in London consider offering Marathon discounts.

Did you know? On 3rd April 2010, Apple released the iPad, the best-selling tablet product on the market


Wedding Season Starts - Couples will have their weddings booked for when the weather starts to improve. Can you offer deals to brides and grooms?

Mental Health Awareness Month - This month focuses on informing people how to look after their mental health. Let your customers and staff know how important mental health is.

4th May – Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you! Talk like Yoda on social media, you should!

7th May – World Password Day - A great opportunity to remind your customers about cybersecurity, as well as giving yourself a chance to review your own passwords and security policies.

8th May – May Day Bank Holiday - Decorate your shop with a spring theme and offer special deals aimed at families who may be spending their extra time together.

16th May – Eurovision Song Content - Based in the Netherlands this year, you can use Eurovision to engage with customers both in store or online.

25th May – Spring Bank Holiday - Ask your customer what they are doing over the bank holiday and consider any products or services that you can promote.

Did you know? The first “sighting” of the Loch Ness Monster was on 2nd May, 1933.


Festival Season begins - Glastonbury, Parklife and Download all start in June with more festivals following in July and August. Can you offer deals on the festival essentials?

Pride Month - Celebrate diversity in your community this month. Show your support by flying the pride flag in your shop window.

5th June – National Fish and Chips Day – Offer discounts on fish and potato products on this day to celebrate one of the most famous British delicacies.

20th June – Summer Solstice - Encourage your customers to get out and make the most of the extra sunlight on the longest day of the year, either in store or on social media.

21st June – Father’s Day - Display a range of gifts for dad in store or create a product brochure online. Make Father’s Day headers for your social media and website. 

24th June – Glastonbury Festival - Glastonbury's 50th anniversary year. Last year had a landmark performance by Stormzy, how will it get better this year?

27th June – Armed Forces Day - Support the UK troops on this day by taking donations for army charities and show your support in store or on social media.

29th June – Wimbledon - Can Djokovic hold on to the trophy? Decorate your store or online store with tennis equipment and offer deals on strawberries and cream if possible.

Did you know? The first TV licence was issued in the UK on 1st June 1946. It cost £2.


Independent retailer month - The month to celebrate all of the independent retailers in the UK. Use this to encourage shoppers to come and spend with you rather than the big retail chains.

7th July – International Chocolate Day - A great day to offer a treat to your customers. Put offers on any chocolate items that you sell, or maybe offer a small chocolate with select purchases.

12th July – Euro 2020 Final - This year, the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will be held in cities all across Europe, but the final will be hosted at Wembley Stadium. Stock up on snacks for your customers.

20th July – School’s Out! - The week commencing 20th July is the week when most schools will start to break up for summer. Use this opportunity to offer back to school deals on things like stationery or clothes.

24th July – Olympic Games - The Opening Ceremony starts on 24th July in Tokyo. Cheer on Team GB on social media and put up flags around your shop to show your support.

Did you know? On 21st July, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon.


7th August – Edinburgh Fringe - Scottish businesses can benefit from the increase in tourism around this time. If not use the festival for some great social media content, like posting your favourite joke.

19th August – World Photo Day - Take some creative photos of your products or services to share on your website and social media. Encourage existing customers to post photos too.

25th August - Paralympic Games - Team GB will also be competing in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer. If you have any decorations that you've used for the Olympics, keep them up in support of your team.

27th August – National Burger Day - If you sell any kind of burger, see if you can arrange a discount for this event. Other than that, posting on social media about your favourite burger can encourage engagement with your pages.

31st August – August Bank Holiday - Talk to your customers about how they are planning on spending their bank holiday. If you are going to offer deals, put them on products aimed at families.

Did you know? Coca Cola was sold for the first time in the UK on 31st August, 1900.


6th September – Back to School - Start September with deals and discounts for back to school products. If you have relevant products, consider creating online back to school checklists for parents.

13th September – Great North Run - Display promotional material online and in-store. If you have any staff running the event, make sure you sponsor them. You could even give them branded kit to run in.

19th September – Oktoberfest begins - The world's biggest beer festival begins in Munich, Germany. Can you help your customers celebrate with discounts on beers?

22nd September – Autumn begins - Autumn colours make for great decorations in-store or online. Promote any relevant products or services that you can offer customers in preparation for the colder seasons.

25th September – National Fitness Day - A day to focus on keeping yourself healthy in body and in mind. Offer your customers help with their own wellbeing with discounts and use #FitnessDay on social media to be part of online conversations.

Did you know? The Beatles started their first recording session at Abbey Road on 4th September, 1962.


Stoptober - Giving up smoking will have some amazing effects on your body. Visit the Stoptober NHS website to see how you can encourage customers and staff to stop smoking for October.

1st October - World Vegetarian Day - Encourage your customers to have a meatless day. Put offers on for any of your vegetarian products.

4th October – World Animal Day – Get involved with or plan a fundraiser for local animal charities. Display pet related items online and in store ahead of the day.

25th October – Clocks go back - Put a helpful reminder on your social media page and website!

31st October – Halloween - Decorate with Halloween themes online and in-store. You could consider hosting a Halloween party or could take part in local events handing out branded products.

Did you know? The first mass produced car, the Ford Model T, went into Production on 1st October 1908.


Movember - A month long event for men to grow a moustache to raise money for charity.

5th November – Bonfire Night - Can you sponsor a firework display or take some of your products along to offer samples? You could also put offers on things to help people at displays to keep them fed or warm.

8th November - Remembrance Sunday - Sell poppies in your shop to help raise money for military charities and put up displays in your shop. You could also change your social media page themes to show your support.

27th November – Black Friday - One of the biggest shopping events of the year. Black Friday discounts are known to be as much as 60% off. Is this something you can offer to your customers?

30th November – St Andrew’s Day - Use Scottish flags or tartan decorations in your store to celebrate the patron saint of Scotland.

30th November – Cyber Monday - Use your online platforms to promote your products/ services and share vouchers and coupons online to drive traffic to your site.

Did you know? In the Slavic Calendar, November is known as Listopad, which translates for “Falling Leaves”.


Christmas Party Season - The time of year when people will be looking for presents, outfits, beauty treatments and dinner bookings. Make sure you use this season to your advantage.

5th December – Small Business Saturday - This day is designed to encourage customers to shop at their small local businesses. Use this event to help you grow your business.

14th December – Wear a Christmas jumper and raise money for a charity that you support. Share pictures of your team members wearing their Christmas jumpers on social media.

21st December – Winter Solstice - On the shortest day of the year, encourage your customers to buy things to help keep them warm, such as warm clothes or hot drinks to enjoy on the cold nights.

25th December – Christmas Day - Publicise your opening times around the Christmas period so that your customers know when they can come and shop with you. If you are open on Christmas day, make sure your customers know!

26th December – Boxing Day - Offer huge discounts on Boxing Day as a chance to get rid of seasonal stock, but also encourage your customers to get involved in your amazing sales.

31st December – New Year’s Eve - Offer discounts on products that will help your customers with their resolutions, such as healthy foods, exercise equipment or alternatives to alcoholic drinks and smoking products.

Did you know? Santa Claus would have to visit 822 houses a second and travel at 650 miles per second to visit every home on earth.


UK City of Culture - A new city chosen every 4 years to be the UK's City of Culture which looks to help boost a UK city socially and economically. For 2021, Coventry has been chosen as the City of Culture.

August – World Athletics Championships - Opening on 6th August in Oregon in the United States. This bi-annual event follows on from the 2019 games in Doha.

October –Rugby League World Cup - With England as hosts, the Rugby League World Cup will kick off in Newcastle on 23rd October 2021.

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