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Business owners looking at tax records

Apr 26, 2024

Tax Records: A guide to keeping tax records

A guide to keeping tax records for small businesses. Find out more about your businesses obligations when it comes to recording taxes for HMRC.
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Accountants discussing business tax

Apr 09, 2024

Business Tax: How much is business tax?

Explore our essential business tax guide, to help you navigate through the types of taxes you may encounter as a business owner or self-employed individual.
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Alarm activation panel

Apr 05, 2024

BT Redcare Alarm service important customer update

BT has announced the withdrawal of their Redcare Alarm signalling service from 1st of August 2025 which could impact 100,000 business insurance customers.
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Woman hiding in an office

Mar 26, 2024

The rising trend in alternative job titles

Recruiting for your small business? Perhaps one of these alternative job titles could be the key to hiring the best new talent.
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Person working on a tablet

Mar 21, 2024

Why data governance is important for small businesses

Data governance for small businesses. Implementing data governance is a great way for small businesses to protect themselves. Find out more.
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Premierline in the community banner

Mar 12, 2024

Premierline in the community – UK children’s charities

Premierline in the community, our volunteer spotlight. Find out about how staff at Premierline volunteer their time to help the local community.
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Houses of parliament at sunset

Mar 06, 2024

Spring Budget 2024: How it will impact your business

Discover the highlights of the Spring Budget 2024, including insights into economic policies, tax reforms and financial forecasts impacting businesses.
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Row of houses in London

Feb 27, 2024

What does landlord insurance cover?

What does landlord insurance cover? Find out more about what type of landlord insurance you might need to protect your property.
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Business district reflection in a puddle

Feb 19, 2024

Allianz Risk Barometer 24: what risks threaten your business?

Delve into the 2024 Allianz risk barometer to find out more about the risks businesses are concerned about over the coming 12 months.
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Open hand holding a paper love heart

Feb 15, 2024

Premierline’s most charitable year to date

Fundraising and volunteering are two ways in which Premierline Business Insurance Broker has worked to help local charities in 2023. Read more.
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People celebrating the new year

Jan 30, 2024

Key dates for your social media channels in 2024

Key dates for 2024, keep up to date with trending events and opportunities for the upcoming year and ensure your social media channels are ready.
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Business owner working on a computer

Jan 23, 2024

The changes that small businesses could face in 2024

Changes in employment law and legislation could impact small business owners in 2024, read on for the latest news and updates.
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