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Retailers take many shapes and sizes. They can be based on the high street or operate online through an ecommerce shop. Each face a unique set of risks relevant to their trade, however there are also a number of similarities in the covers that a retail business insurance policy would provide.

We understand that shops face exposures to unforeseen events that could cause injury to customers or employees, or damage to premises that interrupts the businesses ability to trade. Shop insurance can protect you against these eventualities and much more.

You may be looking to set up retail insurance or specific e-commerce insurance, or dependent on the nature of your business you may require a combination of the two.

From small deli shops to medium grocery and convenience stores. Whether your food retail business operates on a high street or near a residential area, we can arrange bespoke retail insurance to ensure your shop is covered.
We have many years of experience in helping thousands of speciality stores with their insurance requirements. From speciality stores that sell a narrow range of products or speciality products and services such as clothing retailers, cycle shops and newsagents. 
From medium to large stores arranged into departments to showrooms to showcase products to order. We can tailor shop insurance policies for retailers stocking goods directly from the manufacturer, selling stock to order or selling large, bulky or bespoke items to customers.
If you know the covers you require, it's quick & easy to compare shop insurance quotes from a selection of insurers on our website.
Unsure of your cover requirements or looking for insurance advice? We'll call to arrange a new insurance quote at a time that's convenient for you

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Depending on your needs, we can usually arrange retailer cover as a single package or design a bespoke risk management solution to ensure your business activities are protected.
Designed for small shops and retailers that have straightforward insurance needs. In most cases you can compare quotes and buy your policy on our website.

If you sell products online only, in most cases we can arrange an e-commerce insurance package that will cover the risks associated with trading on the web.

Whether you trade from multiple premises or sell products both online or from shops, we can provide recommendations and arrange the cover you require.
Public Liability Insurance

  • With members of the public and suppliers regularly visiting your premises, public liability cover is essential. Accidents can happen when you least expect, no matter how careful you are. Having cover in place to safeguard against these unforeseen events is a crucial part of your business continuity. If someone tripped over and sustained an injury, you may be liable to pay compensation. Public liability insurance can take care of this for you.

Employers' Liability Insurance

  • As an employer, even if you only have part time staff in your retail shop, you are legally required to insure against any accidents your staff may sustain whilst working for you.

Buildings Cover

  • If you own the building you trade from, it's important to protect this asset. The unexpected can happen at any time such as a fire, flood or storm so its vital to have the right insurance in place to cover repairs and/or rebuild costs.

Contents & Stock

  • As a retailer you’ll need to protect your contents and stock as part of your retail shop insurance policy. Protecting your stock and contents can help minimise any disruption caused by unexpected damage at your shop. You never know what’s around the corner so it’s essential you’re covered.

Business Interruption Insurance

  • Whatever your shop insurance needs, the ability to continue to trade following an incident and get back on your feet as quickly as possible is crucial. Business interruption cover can take care of this eventuality, so if your property is damaged following an insured event, your income and expenses would be protected while you get back up and running.

Goods in transit

Goods in Transit insurance covers items from theft, loss or damage while they are being transported by vehicle from one retail premises to another in the course of business. For example, goods in transit could cover moving stock from a wholesaler to your shop should something go wrong.

Money cover

No matter how careful you are with retail business takings, money can still be stolen or go missing. For example, someone could break into your shop and steal cash from a till, locked box or safe. Money cover can protect your retail business against such losses.

Business Legal Expenses

No matter how carefully you run your business, there’s still a chance you’ll need legal counsel at some point. At any point your retail business could be exposed to high legal costs even if the claim against you is unfounded.


Retail insurance policies will typically contain a number of covers that are all combined into one convenient package, designed with retailers in mind. Public liability cover and employers' liability cover are a fundamental part of your retailer insurance policy to safeguard your livelihood against accidental injury to anyone that visits your shop or one of your employees.

Another priority would be your contents, stock and even buildings, if they are owned by you. Shop insurance policies will also typically include cover for money, goods in transit and business interruption cover, which can protect your income and cover your expenses if your premises suffers damage meaning you are unable to trade. All of these covers can be included within retail insurance policies 

A retail insurance package is something you should consider. It’s an important insurance as it will provide you with the peace of mind that your premises, stock, employees and customers are protected.

If you employ staff to work in your retail business, in most cases employers' liability cover is required by law. It protects you against any claims for compensation following an injury sustained by any of your employees whilst working in your shop.

The cost of your retail insurance will depend on your retail activities, what you sell, the location and the amount and type of covers you require to protect your retail business. Like any other insurance, generally the more cover you require the higher the premium.

The value you gain from having the right cover in place is a huge benefit to your business. A retail insurance policy is a product that you have paid for that you may never get to use, but also a product that you hope that you will never need to call on.

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With many years’ experience helping retailers arrange their insurance, we are experts that understand the covers that are relevant to different trades in this sector. We are dedicated to supporting you for the duration of your policy and are here to make arranging your retail insurance simple and hassle free. Get a quote today. 
If you know the covers you require, it's quick & easy to compare shop insurance quotes from a selection of insurers on our website.
Unsure of your cover requirements or looking for insurance advice? We'll call to arrange a new insurance quote at a time that's convenient for you

Our advisors are just a phone call away. On average, we answer calls within 90 seconds.

Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00am–5:00pm