Posted on: 04 February 2019

How to help your customers continue their healthy living

After taking part in Dry January, many participants may want to continue as before and have a celebratory glass of wine or beer, but many others may have enjoyed not drinking alcohol and will look to continue their healthier lifestyle.

According to Alcohol Change, in 2018, 88% of participants saved money, 67% said they had more energy and 58% even managed to lose weight during the Dry January period. Drinking in the United Kingdom is very much a social activity, but your customers may be put off going out for a drink if their options are limited to fizzy drinks or fruit juice, and might feel more comfortable with something that resembles alcohol.

Take a look at these alcohol free products that your customers will be able to enjoy if they have continued to give up alcohol.

What can you offer to your customers?

Beers and ciders

Beer producers, Beck’s, have sold their alcohol free Beck’s Blue beer since 2009 when they rebranded their Beck’s  Alcohol Free, but other breweries have broken into the market, with San Miguel introducing their 0.0% in 2015 and Heineken 0.0 introduced in 2017.

Swedish cider company Kopparberg have alcohol free options for their pear, mixed fruit and strawberry and lime ciders, for your customers to enjoy the fruity cider flavours whilst remaining alcohol free.

Scottish brewers, Brew Dog, has been one of the most innovative beer brewers in the UK, with their own bars popping up around Scotland, England and Wales. In 2016, Brewdog made their recipe open source to allow people to brew the beer in small quantities at home. Whilst 0.5% ABV doesn’t seem alcohol free, it is widely recognised as such, with many foods also containing similar alcohol levels.

Prosecco and wines

Sales of Prosecco began to rise in 2008, and since then, it has become a popular alternative to champagne, in part to the difference in price.

Asda recommends Nosecco as an alcohol free alternative to Prosecco in their Good Living magazine, recognising the attempt to emulate a regular bottle of prosecco in taste, colour and fizz. Asda also recommend Fre as an alcohol alternative to red, white or rosé wines, but highlights that the wines taste much sweeter than regular alcoholic wines.


Sales of gin in 2017 rose by 7 million bottles from the previous year, from 40 million in 2016, to 47 million in 2017. With this rise, people started to look for alcohol free alternatives for 0% gin and tonic, with several alternatives being available from companies such as Seedlip and Ceder’s, as well as Danish gin company Herbie, who have also created an alcohol free gin. Non-alcoholic gin is flavoured with juniper to recreate the taste of regular gin.

There is also a more mainstream gin offering from gin producer, Gordon’s, who have produced an alcohol free, pre-mixed gin and tonic with a lime and peach option.

Stryyk is a UK based company who are currently producing alcohol free spirits to be released soon. They’ll produce a gin, but also have a rum and vodka option available, called Not Rum and Not Vodka. Not Rum is made with clove, oak and grapefruit flavours to achieve the rum taste, whilst the vodka is created with cucumber, coriander and apple flavours to achieve the vodka taste. Both products have no added sugar, artificial flavours or allergens, so are suitable for a wide range of consumers.

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