Posted on: 01 November 2019

Attracting customers during the festive season

Christmas is a busy time of year, no matter what industry you are part of, so whilst you may feel as though you don’t have the time to look for new clients, you can make small changes that just might encourage potential customers to visit your salon to fill in some empty time slots.

Take a look below at some of the ways that you can give your salon a festive boost this December.

Attracting customers this festive season

Whilst it may be a busy time of year, if you can prepare in advance, you can always get busier. Take a look at some of these festive ideas for your salon.

Promote hair and beauty treatment for parties

December is one of the most social times of the year, where people will be celebrating together for the same event rather than events that could be spread throughout the year, such as birthdays.

This gives you the chance to promote your business to a huge range of people who may be looking for treatments around the December period for Christmas parties.

Both hair treatments for men and women will be popular in the lead up to Christmas parties, but so will make up sessions, that you could provide either in your salon or as a mobile beautician.

Offer a mobile service around Christmas

Whilst you may be attracting new customers to your business, your regulars may find it difficult to find a time for their haircuts.

If you can find an extra pair of hands, see if you can offer a service to bring the salon to your customers, to work around them. This will give you the chance to get even more bookings through the festive period, but it will also make your customers feel happy that you are accommodating their needs.

If you can’t spare the staff, see if you can work with a freelancer and split the money between the two of you.

Extend your opening times

As you may have more customers coming to your business in December, it may be worth extending your opening times so that you can get more people through your doors throughout the day.

Check to see if your staff are prepared to work for longer before making a decision on your opening hours, and make sure that your new opening times are well publicised so that your customers know that these later time slots are an option. You could do this on your social media pages and on your website.

Festive social media

Making subtle changes to your social media pages lets your customers know that you’re ready for the festive season. It could be something as simple as putting a frame over your profile picture or even changing your logo by adding a Santa hat or Christmas trees. Don’t forget to also update your cover photo accordingly.

For beauty salons, you could experiment with some festive themed make up designs and promote them on your social media.

Use Facebook’s scheduling feature so that you can prepare your content in advance and have Facebook post for you at the right time.

Christmas competition

Offer a Christmas themed prize for your customers and run competitions at your salon in the run-up to Christmas.

Prizes for you to consider could be Christmas themed, such as mince pies or advent calendars, Christmas chocolates, or something product-related, such as shampoos, moisturisers or male hair products.

Again, you can promote these competitions on your social media sites, but also offer these competitions in store.

Salon decorations

Let your clients know that you are in the festive spirit by putting up some Christmas decorations around your salon.

Getting your decorations up early enough could show them off to customers who may make another booking before Christmas Day. Having your decorations up could prompt a conversation about your Christmas opening hours which is useful information to your customers.

Gift cards and vouchers

If you don’t already have them, introduce Christmas themed gift cards and vouchers into your business that can be used as Christmas presents.

Even if your customers don’t use the voucher around the festive period, they will still have a reason to visit your salon next year.

Charity fundraising activity

How could your customers help you raise money for charity during the festive period? Think up some Christmas challenge ideas.

Why not dress up as Santa Claus, an elf or Rudolph to cut hair and have your customers sponsor you. Raising money for charity helps a good cause, but you also have the chance to have a bit of fun with your customers whilst doing it.

Here are some other ideas to raise money for charity this festive season:

  • Bake festive treats to sell
  • Present donations
  • Christmas jumper competition. You could ask your social media followers to judge via the poll function.

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