Posted on: 21 August 2019

Exceeding customer expectations at your salon

By offering your customers a great experience when they come for a haircut or beauty treatment, it will get them talking about your services and get more people coming through your door.

Research from Barclaycard shows that just over 50% of people surveyed are more focused on paying for an experience rather than tangible things, so take a look at what you can do in your salon to give your visitors more for their money.

What can you offer your customers?


Greeting your customer and offering them a drink of water, tea or coffee can immediately make them feel welcomed and relaxed in your salon. By having a kettle and fridge on site, you can easily make these beverages quickly for your customers to enjoy while they wait. Consider putting a water dispenser as well so if your customer has a bottle they can fill up or even invest in a fancy new coffee machine for great tasting lattes, espressos and macchiatos etc.

Your customers may also enjoy a glass of bubbly or a cold beer whilst they wait, so take a look at our article on what you need to serve alcohol to your customers.

In salon competitions

Giving your customers a chance to win something whilst at your salon will give them a great sense of enjoyment whilst spending time in your salon.

Some of these competitions could include:

  • Setting up a dart board in your barbers and offering a free hair cut for hitting a bullseye.
  • Charity raffles to raise money for a charity that you might support

Free Wi-Fi

Gone are the days of reading old magazines whilst waiting for your appointment. By offering your customers free Wi-Fi, they will be able to scroll away to their hearts content. It may even, encourage them to like and share information from your social media pages whilst they are online.


You may have a radio or CD player at your salon, but what if you could let your customers pick the music they wanted to listen to? You could have a free jukebox or if you are on a budget, use popular voice controlled speakers such as Amazon’s Echo or Google Home to have music in your salon, but allow your customers to add the odd song to the playlist. Just make sure you have the right licence to play music on your premises.


You may already have screens in your salon to keep customers entertained, but why not use those screens to catch up on the latest streamed TV series. Haircuts can take anywhere up to half an hour for men or even up to an hour for women, so why not use this as an opportunity for your customers to catch up on their favourite TV shows.

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