Posted on: 02 October 2019

How to avoid problems when cutting children’s hair

Young children may find having their hair cut an unusual experience, and could be wary during their first few visits to your salon.

Take a look at our guidance below at how you can make haircuts for children an easy experience and as stress-free as possible.

Making haircuts less stressful

There are many reasons that children may find having their hair cut stressful, especially if it is something that they have never experienced before. So what can you do to help ease this stress?


A child who isn’t acclimatised to a salon environment could find all the new smells, sights and sounds very distressing. Strong smells could give them headaches and feelings of nausea, which is already a bad start. Hairdryers, clippers and scissors will all produce unfamiliar sounds that could also make a child anxious.

One of the ways around this is to make sure that you know when you have children booked in, try to keep noise in your salon to a minimum around the time when they are due to come in. If this isn’t possible, ease the child into being around salon equipment so that they can get used to all the new experiences without feeling anxious. If feasible, arrange for your customer to have a pair of ear defenders so that the unfamiliar sounds won’t cause stress. You could also adopt products in your salon that are not scented to help avoid overloading their sense of smell.


Before you start cutting any hair, you should explain to a child exactly what is going to happen when you cut their hair so there are no nasty surprises. Scissors, combs, straighteners or clippers can all look scary to a child so they may have concerns about being around equipment that is unfamiliar to them.

Something that you can explain is how you will use your equipment and show them that your kit doesn’t cause any pain, using them briefly on yourself if possible.

Booster seats

To make a child feel comfortable in your salon, a great distraction is to have a themed booster seat. A car style booster seat has become popular in recent years, but you could also buy ones with trains and other vehicles or even cartoon characters.

Having this as a simple distraction could help a child feel more relaxed in your salon, although you should be vigilant in making sure that it doesn’t become too much of a distraction that causes your customer to move around whilst you’re trying to cut.


If possible, have a supply of snacks available for children. If they haven’t eaten, they may start to get distracted or irritable whilst you’re trying to cut their hair, which could be dangerous for both you the child.

Small bags of fruit, crisps or sweets may just be enough to keep the hunger pangs away so that you can cut your customers’ hair without any hunger related problems. However, you should always check for allergies/food intolerances with their parents before offering anything.

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