Blue disabled parking space sign in car park

Making your salon more accessible

29 April 2019 

Being a disability friendly business can be a huge benefit to your company. It may help you attract more customers and you’ll be seen as being more diverse.

Read more to find some of the ways that you can make your business more accessible so that everyone can benefit from your services.


To allow all existing and potential new customers to use your services, you will need to make sure that everyone can get into your premises, no matter their mobility.

If your salon has steps, consider installing a ramp and hand rails, to allow wheelchair users or unsteady walkers to access your site. If your salon is up a flight of stairs, consider installing a stair lift if budget allows.

Noise levels

Noise is an everyday part of life in a salon, whether this is from a hairdryer, hair clippers, a radio or even conversations with other customers.  

Excessive noise can be stressful for customers with autism or high levels of anxiety, so if you know of a customer who experiences either of these conditions, be sure to adjust noise levels to better suit their needs. Alternatively you could provide ear plugs that will help minimise noise levels.

Provide a distraction

Feelings of anxiety can be alleviated by providing a distraction for your customers. This could be colouring books for younger customers, but you could also provide puzzle books for older customers, or something to fidget with for all age groups.

For younger children, there are special seats that you can purchase that may be themed like an aeroplane or car. This can put children at ease if they are unfamiliar with some treatments.

Show your support

Use stickers on your windows and doors to show that you are disability friendly, the most common of which is the wheelchair access symbol, but make sure that you are prepared for customers with a disability so that you can avoid rejecting any customers.

You could also get in touch with local disability charities or support services to pass on information that can help your local community.

Train your staff

If your staff are trained on how to assist customers who may have reduced mobility or capacity, they are better equipped to offer the service that your customers need.

It is important to give all customers the best experience whilst they are at your business, but at the same time, make your customers’ visit feel as normal as possible. Your customer should be able to feel like their visit is a normal part of life and not have their disability highlighted.

Training could take the form of sensitivity towards a certain disability, or a quick sign language course for customers who may be non-verbal. Being able to communicate directly with your customers, rather than with a person accompanying them, will help your customer feel more comfortable.

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