Posted on: 09 November 2018 (updated on 07 May)

How to keep your staff safe when using Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is a vital part of any office environment, but can also pose several health risks to users if not set up and used correctly.

Employers are responsible for providing regular assessments for staff to make sure that they are protected in the work place from the risks of DSE.

We have prepared a helpful infographic to allow you to see the risks that are posed when using DSE, and some statistics about DSE based injuries in the workplace.

DSE Checklist

At Premierline, we have rigorous checks to make sure that our staff are protected from the risks of DSE, and would like to share this good practice with you so that you can do the same for your staff

Click the button below to download our handy checklist as a PDF document to print out and share with your staff.

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