Posted on: 11 February 2019

What types of training are available for your industry?

Investing in your employees means investing in your business, so making sure that they keep up their continued professional development with training courses will help your business in the long run.

There are different ways of helping your staff to develop themselves that we have outlined below.

Types of training available

Online training

There are thousands of online training courses in a range of different subjects that could include sales, health and safety, HR, first aid or IT. Because there isn’t the need for a tutor or exams, these online courses are usually cost effective, with many companies offering discounts if you enrol several members of staff.

Online learning can take different forms, such as a full course which could be completed over an extended period of time, or a day course. Your staff could take a health and safety course, COSHH course or an IOSH course in the space of a day.


When you think of an apprentice, you may think of a young person training as an electrician or hairdresser, but an apprenticeship is available for anyone. An apprenticeship can be completed alongside your day to day duties, and will give your staff new qualifications as well as the opportunity to gain work experience from other departments around your company.

In 2017, the government introduced the apprenticeship levy, where a large amount of funding would be produced by a levy that would apply to employers with a wage bill of over £3m a year. This was introduced as a way of encouraging larger companies to take on apprentices, whilst smaller companies can still benefit from taking on an apprentice whilst only paying 10% of the apprentices training and for their wages.

Apprenticeships can range in subject, but there are many either currently being offered or in development for your industry. You can see the full list of apprenticeships on the Institute for Apprenticeship website.

Part time courses

Get in touch with your local college to find out about the part time courses available. There are usually evening classes or day courses available to keep your staff skill levels up to date with current industry needs.

You may be able to make a deal with a college to provide regular training sessions at intervals throughout the year, provided they have the right resources for your trade.

On-site training

There are options available for you to find trainers who will come to your premises and hold training and development sessions, presenting a cost effective way of training multiple members of staff at the same time.

There is also a huge range of training companies who can come to your premises, including private training companies and charities such as St John’s Ambulance, who can come to your site and train on health and safety or first aid, as well as many other topics.

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