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5 Tips for freelance businesses

17 January 2019
As a freelancer, you will enjoy the freedoms of working for yourself, but are there ways of growing your business that you haven’t tried out yet? Here are a few ideas to give you and your business a boost and stand out amongst the competition.

1. Evaluate your pricing

Choosing the right price for your services can be tricky. If you are using a service such as Fiverr or Fivesquid, your prices may be set by the company, however if you are freelancing for your own client base, setting the right price can play a huge role in the clients you attract. If your prices are too low then you could attract the wrong kind of clients, or even deter potential clients who may think your prices reflect a poor service. If your prices are too high, you risk losing clients to your competition. Do some research into what other freelancers in your industry are charging and base your own prices around those.

2. Network

Finding groups of people who also freelance can be a great way of finding new customers through referrals. Perhaps take a look for your nearest BNI to meet local business owners who can refer you to new customers. You could also offer your services to other BNI members.

3. Develop an identity

Creating a brand lets your customers see a professional side to both yourself and your business. Work with a graphic designer to create a logo or create some business cards, or do this yourself, to show to potential customers. If graphic design is your trade, see if you can offer this service to other freelancers who may be looking to develop their identity.

4. Embrace digital media

Facebook and Instagram are no longer just ways of finding out what your friends and family are up to. Social media has become one of the biggest marketing channels on the planet, and provides a platform for you to show off your portfolio and connect with customers.

Websites are also now fairly easy to manage through websites such as, but you can also use content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla to manage your website without technical web design knowledge. If you don’t have time to manage a website or don’t have the time to learn, see if you can network with freelance web designers who can look after your site for you.

5. Don’t neglect your smartphone

Being able to access emails, calendars, internet or even sat-nav on your phone means that you can still work whilst on the move. There are also a huge range of apps, such as Skype, online banking and online payments, such as PayPal, that you will be able to use from the palm of your hand. By having a smartphone with a powerful camera, you will be able to share high quality photos of the work that you do with a massive online community. 

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