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Introducing Path to Paris, raising cash for Mind   

08 August 2023    |    By: Nathan Bentley

08 AUGUST 2023, We’re pleased to announce that this August, we’ll be launching our own campaign as part of the Allianz Path to Paris 2024 fundraising relay, a full year of fundraising events which aim to raise £100,000 for the mental health charity; Mind.

Mind provides advice and support to individuals who are experiencing mental health problems across the UK. They campaign to improve mental health services and also work to raise awareness and understanding of mental health, to reduce stigma and support millions of people each year by helping them to get the mental health support they need.

In the lead up to Paris 2024, Allianz businesses will be carrying out a range of exciting fundraising activities to celebrate the Olympic games and the Paralympic games to raise money for Mind. Here at Premierline, we’ll be kicking our campaign off in August 2023, in the lead up to our fundraising relay which is scheduled to take place in September.

Once the baton is passed from the Allianz Glasgow office to Lancaster – Premierline will be taking it cross-county to the Allianz Manchester office. In true Premierline spirit, we’ll be doing it via walking, cycling and running to Manchester in less than 12 hours.

The path is simple. We’ll be travelling via road from the Premierline office in Lancaster, across to the Allianz Manchester office. The first section from Lancaster to Garstang will be a walking leg alongside the tranquil Lancaster canal, a trek of around 13 miles. A team will then go from Garstang to Bolton via road on bikes, a ride of around 30 miles, before finally, a team will run the final leg from Bolton right into the heart of Manchester city centre – a run of around 12 miles!

In total, the route is approximately 55 miles and our participants will face a total elevation of over 1,500 ft across the 12 hour journey. It’s a gruelling task and we simply won’t be able to complete it without your support!

You can show your support by sponsoring team Premierline online.

Be sure to check our socials for updates throughout August, to meet the teams taking on the challenge and find out more about the other fundraising activities we have planned throughout the year. Remember, any funds that are raised by Premierline will be matched by Allianz who have set an ambitious fundraising target of £100,000 throughout the year.

If you can’t support us just yet with this challenge then worry not – we’ll be involved in the Allianz Path to Paris for the entire lead up to Paris 2024 and will be hosting a range of exciting fundraising events for local businesses to get involved with.

This is an ambitious challenge but it’s one the whole team at Premierline can’t wait to get stuck in to. The Lancaster to Manchester fundraising relay will take place on Friday 1st of September 2023, be sure to follow our socials leading up to the big day for updates!

Nathan Bentley
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