Social Calendar: Key Dates for 2023 

03 January 2023    |    By: Nathan Bentley
As we settle into the new year, we look to the next 12 months with anticipation, ready to enjoy everything that the year 2023 has to offer us. 

This year already looks to be packed full of events and celebrations, so many in fact it’s tough to keep tabs on exactly what is going on.

This 2023 social calendar hopefully eases some of the stress of trying to remember when these events are happening, highlighting a few of the key dates and celebrations that you don’t want to miss this year. Check it out to ensure you keep on top of the important days and make sure you and your business don’t get left behind.

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We’re looking forward to a number of events this year, our highlights include; Brew Monday, Safer Internet Day, International Women’s Day, National Pet Day, the Coronation of King Charles III (and the extra bank holiday), SME’s Day, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, National Food Bank Day, Mental Health Awareness Week, LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Small Business Saturday.

Many of the dates and celebrations noted in this social calendar provide great opportunities for businesses to engage with, both internally and externally to customers also. This sort of event engagement is especially effective when your businesses is helping to recognise or celebrate a cause which aligns with your values and is something you can truly get behind and help support.

A month dedicated to veganism and switching to consuming only plant based products.

New Year’s Day - 01 January
The first day of the new year, welcome to 2023!

Brew Monday – 16 January
A day to encourage people to make time for a brew and a catch up, whether that’s at work, or at home with family.

Lunar New Year – 22 January
Lunar new year celebrates the start of the lunisolar year. It’s commonly known as ‘Chinese New Year’ but is celebrated in other countries too. This year, it’s the year of the Rabbit.

Self-Assessment Tax Deadline – 31 January
Submit your tax return to HMRC by midnight on the 31st of January! Failure to do so could mean you might be subject to fines. 

LGBTQ+ History Month
Hosted every February in the UK, LGBTQ+ history month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, claiming the past, celebrating the present and helping to create a new future.

Safer Internet Day – 07 February
A day dedicated to promoting internet safety and the safe use of digital technologies.

National Pizza Day – 09 February
National Pizza Day, need we say anymore? Enjoy a slice or two of your favourite pizza.

Super Bowl LVII – 12 February
One of the biggest sporting events of the year. Rihanna stars in this years half time show.

Valentine’s Day – 14 February
The perfect day to show your loved ones just how much you love them.

Pancake Day – 21 February
Pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes for tea? The question is, do you go sweet or savoury? 

St. David’s Day – 01 March
A day to celebrate St. David, the patron saint of Wales.

International Women’s Day – 04 March
A day to celebrate women and recognise their achievements across the world!

Mathematics Day – 08 March
A worldwide celebration of mathematics, also known as Pi Day.

Spring Budget – 15 March
The Treasury announced that the Spring Budget for 2023 will be announced on the 15th of March. This will outline the government’s latest fiscal plan.

St. Patrick’s Day – 17 March
A day to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Mother’s Day – 19 March
A day to celebrate Mothers, Grandmothers and other special people in your life.

First Ramadan – 20 March
The start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.

Earth Hour – 25 March
A worldwide movement designed to encourage people to switch off non-essential lights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. The purpose of this is to reduce light pollution and to also encourage us to use less energy.

April Fool’s Day – 01 April
A chance to share a prank, or some light-hearted humour!

End of the ’22 – ’23 Tax Year – 05 April
The ’22 – ’23 tax year ends at midnight on the 5th of April.

Easter Sunday – 09 April
However you wish to celebrate Easter, we hope you have a great weekend!

National Pet Day – 11 April
A day dedicated to our furry, or not so furry friends! Show your pets some love.

St. George’s Day – 23 April
A day to celebrate St. George, the patron saint of England.

International Jazz Day – 30 April
Love jazz music? Good news, it’s International Jazz Day!

Mental Health Awareness Week
Mental Health Awareness Week falls between the 15th and the 21st of May. The theme for this year is Anxiety. Take time to consider your own mental health this month.

May Day – 01 May
Spring is here, celebrate with the first of three May bank holiday weekends!

World Password Day – 04 May
A day dedicated to data security, a great opportunity to update your passwords.

The Coronation of King Charles III – 06 May
The Coronation of King Charles III takes place on the 6th of May, followed by a public holiday on the 8th of May.

Eurovision Final – 13 May
The Eurovision Song Contest final takes place in Liverpool, on behalf of last year’s winners – Ukraine!

Spring Bank Holiday – 29 May
The third and final public holiday of the month, enjoy a long weekend.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month
Pride Month is about acceptance, equality and celebrating LGBTQ+ communities with events taking place nationwide throughout June.

National Cheese Day – 04 June
Celebrate Cheddar, gorge on Gloucester, love Lancashire, it’s National Cheese Day!

National Fudge Day – 16 June
Enjoyed the cheese? Well now it’s time for National Fudge Day, enjoy something a little bit sweet.

Father’s Day – 18 June
A day to celebrate the Dad’s and father figures in our lives.

Summer Solstice – 21 June
Better known as the longest day of the year, where the Earth’s poles has it’s maximum tilt towards the sun.

SME’s Day – 27 June
SME’s Day celebrates Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises, celebrating entrepreneurship worldwide.

Take your Dog to Work Day – 28 June
Dog friendly workplace? Take your Dog to Work Day is a great way to get your furry friend some work experience! 

Plastic Free July
A global campaign to see millions of people do more to reduce their use of single use plastics and create environmental awareness.

Start of Wimbledon – 03 July
Wimbledon, one of the world’s most prestigious Tennis tournaments, which runs through the whole of July.

FIFA Women’s World Cup – 10 July
32 nations are set to compete in Australia & New Zealand, can England’s Lionesses bring it home?

Give Something Away Day – 15 July
Give a gift to a friend, or perhaps even donate some stuff to charity. How you spend the day is up to you!

International Friendship Day – 30 July
International Day of Friendship was created by the United Nations to help people celebrate their friends, so you can show a friend that you love them.

International Cat Day – 04 August
If Dogs get a day, it’s only right that Cats do too! Show your feline friends some love.

Financial Awareness Day – 14 August
A day dedicated to financial awareness, check your own finances to ensure you’re on the right path.

National Fajita Day – 18 August
Cook up your favourite fillings and wrap them up in a soft tortilla, it’s National Fajita Day!

FIFA Women’s World Cup Final – 20 August
The 5-week long tournament comes to a close, who will make it to the final and take home the title.

World Plant Milk Day – 22 August
Swap animal based milks in your brew to a plant based alternative and explore other vegan alternatives to dairy products.

National Food Bank Day – 01 September
Help support your local food bank by making a donation, or by volunteering some time with them.

Emergency Services Day – 09 September
A day to celebrate and thank the emergency services who keep us safe every day!

Suicide Prevention Day – 10 September
World Suicide Prevention Day encourages groups to get together to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

National Cheeseburger Day – 18 September
National Cheeseburger Day celebrates the humble Cheeseburger, celebrate with one of your own.

International Day of Peace – 21 September
The United Nations International Day of Peace is observed each year and is dedicated to the goal of world peace.

Black History Month
Black History Month is a national celebration to promote the contributions of those with African and Caribbean heritage. It aims to spread awareness of black history and foster a better understanding of black history, both UK wide and internationally.

National Poetry Day – 05 October
Celebrate your favourite poems and poets, share them with friends and family.

World Egg Day – 13 October
A day dedicated to celebrating the nutritional power of eggs.

Daylight Savings Time Ends – 29 October
Don’t forget, the clocks go back first thing in the morning as we head towards the winter months.

Halloween – 31 October
It’s spooky season! Don your best scary costume for Halloween!

It’s that time of year again – grow a moustache and help raise money for a range of Men’s charities!

World Vegan Day – 01 November
Whether it’s your lifestyle choice, or you want to try it for a day, World Vegan Day is all about celebrating veganism.

Guy Fawkes Day – 05 November
Better known as ‘Bonfire Night’, expect to see the skies lit up with fireworks over the next few days.

British Pudding Day – 09 November
Celebrate your favourite after dinner classics, from Apple Crumble to Jam Roly Poly!

Black Friday – 24 November
It’s Black Friday, a day dedicated to finding the best shopping deals both online and on the high street.

St. Andrew’s Day – 30 November
A day to celebrate St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.

Christmas Season
The countdown to Christmas has begun, but don’t forget all of the other festivities which take place through December!

Small Business Saturday – 02 December
Gift shopping? Don’t forget to check out small and locally owned businesses to help support them this Christmas.

Volunteer Day – 05 December
A day dedicated to thanking volunteers, or perhaps even to offer a few volunteer hours to a cause yourself.

Start of Hanukkah – 08 December
Hanukkah is a Jewish festival which celebrates the ideals of Judaism, it lasts for eight days and nights.

Winter Solstice – 22 December
The Winter Solstice is known as the shortest day of the year in the UK and marks the point where the days start to get longer.

Christmas Day – 25 December
However you choose to celebrate the festive season, we hope you have a good one!

New Year’s Eve – 31 December
As another year passes, we look forward to 2024 and what the new year will bring. Happy New Year!

2024 is promising to provide us with a real summer of sport, with not one, but four major sporting events happening between June and September.

UEFA Men’s Euro 2024

The UEFA Men’s Euro 2024 kicks off in Germany on Friday 14th of June. The final is set to take place on Sunday 14th July 2024, can England’s men’s team match up to the Lionesses and bring it home?

Copa América 2024

Copa América kicks off at the same time as the Euros and promises to bring us even more footballing action. Ecuador are currently rumoured to host the event although this is still to be confirmed. Can reining Copa América and World Cup champions Argentina make it three in a row?

2024 Summer Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics take place in Paris, starting on Friday 26th July 2024 and concluding on Sunday 11th August 2024. Expect big crowds and some incredible sporting scenes!

2024 Summer Paralympic Games

Following on from the Olympic Games is the Summer Paralympic Games, which take place from 28th August and close on 8th September 2024. A perfect way to round off what is set to be an incredible summer of sport.

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