Posted on: 28 August 2020

Getting out of your salon to grow your business

Working in the hair or beauty industry, it is likely that you will be running your business from premises that are suitable for carrying out your business activities such as a hair salon or beauty salon, but have you considered growing your business away from your salon by accepting mobile hair and beauty appointments?

Carry on reading to see some of the ways that taking your salon business mobile can help grow your business.

Why should you take your business mobile

Customers who can’t reach you

Whilst you can make every effort to try to make your salon as accessible as possible, some customers might not be able to reach you.

By taking your business mobile, you can reach a new client base of customers who will be grateful that you have made the effort to visit them, where they otherwise might not be able to enjoy your treatments.

Reduce overheads

If you are out of the premises, there are some resources that you won’t need to use that could save you money whilst you are out.

Water, electricity and heating costs are all things that you might not need to use if you are away from your salon, although you may pick up additional fuel and insurance costs if you are using a commercial vehicle to travel around.

What do I need to go mobile?

Commercial vehicle

To be able to transport both yourself and your equipment to your customers, you will likely need some kind of commercial vehicle.

You should only really need a small commercial vehicle or even a larger hatchback car. Take a look at one of our previous articles, how much it could cost to operate a commercial vehicle.


You don’t want to be relying on your customers to have a suitable chair to use at their house, so look for a comfortable but portable chair that you could use for your customers.

Depending on the room that you have in your vehicle or at the customers home, you could consider a whole range of chairs.

Massage table

As a massage therapist, it is highly likely that your customers won’t have a suitable table. It is also unlikely that you would be able to fit one of your salon’s tables in your vehicle.

Have a good shop around to see if you can find a suitable folding table that provides you with flexibility and portability, whilst also providing comfort for your customers.

Battery-powered tools

Cordless tools, such as hair clippers or hair dryers, can give you freedom from all of the wires that could be lying around when you are giving treatments, which gives you more portability, but also makes the session safer for you and your customer.

You will just need to make sure that you keep your batteries charged or have a good supply of charged batteries. You could use your vehicle’s 5v plug, if safe, or your customers’ power outlets.


Check with your insurer or broker to make sure that you are insured to perform treatments as a mobile practitioner as well as a premises-based practitioner.

Take a look at our article highlighting which hair or beauty treatments you could be covered for under your insurance policy and just how important insurance is for hair and beauty businesses.

COVID-19 safety as a mobile practitioner

Taking precautions against COVID-19 is essential in preventing another wave from becoming a serious threat in the UK. Working from a salon, you have an element of control in keeping the virus at bay, however a mobile practitioner may need to take additional precautions.

Carry on reading to see some precautions that you can take that will help keep you safe from COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, has been one of the most reliable methods of stopping the spread of COVID-19, with face coverings becoming mandatory in retail businesses in July 2020.

As a mobile practitioner, you should use a face covering when visiting a client’s home and wear gloves when carrying out any treatments, disposing of them as soon as you have finished. 

Disposable aprons are also an effective form of PPE if there is a chance of getting loose hair on your clothing.

Cleaning equipment

Because you have no control over the cleanliness of your clients home, you should clean off your equipment before and after every treatment.

Whether this is a pair of scissors for hair practitioners, brushes for beauticians or massage tools for masseuses, any equipment that has been used on other clients should be thoroughly cleaned before using it on another client.

You should also have a supply of hand sanitiser that you should use before and after visiting every client.

Social distancing

Keeping a safe distance apart from clients is almost impossible as a hair or beauty practitioner, but using a face covering and maintaining a reasonable distance from your client can help keep you safe from COVID-19.

The government has also recommended that during a treatment, you should keep the conversation to a minimum to reduce the risk of transmission.

Taking payments

The best way to take payment from a client is to do so without cash. It is believed that the virus can survive on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, so try to avoid cash which could potentially harbour the virus.

Other popular options for digital payments include online bank transfers, Paypal or Google Pay, all of which can be used to securely transfer payments from your clients to your bank account.

Hair and beauty insurance with Premierline

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