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Can you serve alcohol in your salon?

23 April 2019
A trend that took off in the hair and beauty industry recently was to serve your customers an alcoholic beverage whilst they spend time in your salon.

Customers were receptive to the idea of enjoying a glass of wine or cold beer whilst waiting or having their treatment, and it would often be a great marketing tool, as word would quickly spread about being able to enjoy a drink at your premises.

However, as a business, there are certain rules and regulations about serving alcohol on your site even if it’s not charged for.

You will need to have two licences at your business to be able to comply with the Licensing Act, and serve alcohol on your premises.

Personal licence

To provide alcohol, either you as the business owner or a member of your staff will need to hold a Personal Licence. You need to be over the age of 18 to hold a Personal Licence and hold a qualification on licensing.

You can obtain a Personal Licence from the website, or find out more information on the requirements for the licence.

Premises licence

As well as the Personal Licence, you will need a Premises Licence, which is required to allow you to partake in ‘licensable activities’ including selling alcohol on your business premises. You will need to appoint a designated premises supervisor (DPS), who must be the holder of a personal licence.

You can also apply for this licence through the government website.

Both of these licences come with a cost which will depend on various factors, such as your local council and the rateable value of your premises. The government website state that a premises licence fee could be anywhere between £100 and £1,905.
Not having a licence to sell or serve alcohol on your premises is a serious offence. You can be fined up to £1,000 for not producing your licence if you are asked to. You can also be fined, receive a 6 month prison sentence or both for carrying out ‘licensable activities’ at your premises without the correct licence.

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